I have heard that brotherhood is the ideal one and also since both that each series is long I was wondering if I could just jump right into FMAB an initial or if I would certainly miss any type of details? For example If I had watched Clannad after ~ Story first Id it is in disappointed because Clannad was so crucial in building relationships.

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FMAB is a reboot, not a continuation, for this reason it's not forced to watch FMA first. However, because the two stories begin off the same, FMAB goes v that very first part a bit quicker to gain to the brand-new story, i beg your pardon is actually the closer come the manga than FMA, i m sorry takes the story in a fully different direction. Since FMAB had actually to go through the opening material faster to keep people interested and not seem choose a finish retelling the FMA, part people think that the character breakthrough in FMA is an ext detailed, and also can include a bit an ext depth come watching FMAB. It's absolutely true come a specific extent, however that doesn't typical watching FMA is a prerequisite to clock FMAB. Girlfriend won't be lacking out at all.

I'd prefer to include a small note here, FMA:B makes recommendations to occasions that they've presented in FMA, but since they didn't show it in FMA:B a few characters joke around it never happening.

Brotherhood is exceptionally fast paced, particularly in the very first part, because it was made v the will that the viewer has actually watched the original collection first. Currently you may not favor the original that much, yet I deserve to guarantee that you will like Brotherhood much far better if girlfriend stick v the original.

For an ext opinions, examine out r/FullmetalAlchemist. They have a question exactly like this in the sub's FAQ, and explains in-depth.

To enjoy the franchise come the utmost the is recommended however definitely not close come being compelled to watch fma first. This will allow you to enjoy both collection to the fullest.

If you watch FMA after Brotherhood, you aren't likely to gain it as lot as if it was your very first time because its an ext dated and also less compact.

Brotherhoods experience would become much better by having watch FMA, together it builds the personalities up more.

If girlfriend aren't yes, really feeling prefer watching 51 episodes to obtain to the newer version absolutely skip them.

You dont have actually to, but I recommend it anyway. The an initial FMA is great and branches off into its own exciting story. FMAB stays with the manga and is still fantastic, however rushes its very first season every the stuff that was fine paced in FMA.

I saw, watch both, both are good shows.

also /u/amethystItalian please tell me how FMA is negative in any type of way??? I'd love come know.

It's not negative but I'd say it's worse. I watched FMA then FMA:B and there's so lot episodes and seeing few of the exact same situations and just several of the same aspects got yes, really tiring/old

I would have much rather have actually just watched one climate both. But that's just me! I'm sure others might gladly watch end 100 illustration of something and not feel exhausted of the universe.

As who who has seen both at least 3times each, no, but i suggest watching both regardless of the order, castle each technique the show valuing various things, because that exampls FMA feels more charecter pushed while FMA:BH feels much more story driven. I prefer FMA:BH(as most civilization do) and suggest starting and finishing their and if you gain the world and also magic (alchemy) go watch FMA. Castle both begin somewhat similar but start taking different directions together one to be finished prior to the manga and also therefor dident totally follow the manga when the other did. Hope the helps?

I found it quite nice to have actually seen FMA first. You will miss out on out ~ above a most stuff if you just watch FMAB.

Also the ton of the initial is quite nicely done, darker and much more mysterious. I enjoyed the in its entirety feel the FMA in a deeper means than FMAB. FMAB is lighter entertainment and also as said before in this thread, pipeline out a the majority of the details of the early stage story the FMA.

I very recommend you watch FMA first. You will have much more to enjoy!

Please don't. There will certainly be a the majority of old timers right here saying the they watched it and also recommend it, however watch FMAB first, you'll get much more mystery, tension, surprise and it will certainly feel much more exciting. Go earlier to FMA after if friend want, however if you clock it first, some of the allure will be gone and also a 10/10 anime might be a 9-9.5/10 anime for you.

I would certainly reccomend watching come the suggest where FMA starts come deviate from the manga then begin FMA-B, the story told in the latter feels much less rushed in regards to the early development.

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Not vital though.


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