I"ve grown up loving the quote "Do no meddle in the work of dragons because that you are crunchy and also taste good with ketchup." and I"ve to be searching roughly to discover out whereby it came from (with only a little amount that luck).

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I found that it came from Suzanne McMinn, however, I have actually no references beyond that. Go she gain it from someone else? Which book did it show up in?



This looks like a spoof the the quote from The lord of the Rings, through J.R.R. Tolkien:

Do not meddle in the work of wizards, for they room subtle and also quick to anger.

It originates from The Fellowship that the Ring:

"But that is said: do not meddle in the work of wizards, because that they room subtle and also quick to anger. The choice is yours: to walk or wait." "And it is additionally said," answered Frodo: "Go no to the Elves because that counsel because that they will certainly answer both no and yes." "Is the indeed?" laugh Gildor. "Elves seldom offer unguarded advice, because that advice is a attention gift, also from the way to the wise, and all courses may run ill." The Fellowship that the Ring, thing 3

As for wherein the dragon component is from, I discovered a publication called Dragonswan, through Sherrilyn Kenyon.

The an initial line is:

Be sort to dragons, for thou art crunchy as soon as roasted and taste an excellent with ketchup. (Google Books).

These quotes show up to have been merged.

Okay, no one knows where this first came from, however here"s something native July 27, 1999, in the shop magazine:

All this, and also he has a wickedly weird and also original sense of humor. “Do not meddle in the affairs of wizards,” Marceau once said, “for you room crunchy and taste great with ketchup.”

It"s additionally apparently in the 24th the February, 1999 problem of the Plainview daily Herald, according to this website, yet their archives appear to be under (and the Wayback an equipment is turning up blank).

The Quote Investigator Twitter account comment to a request for help with one even earlier use that the quote, indigenous Usenet (July 10 1989):

Do not meddle in the to work of Wizards, because that you room crunchy and also go well through catsup

I don"t know if Brian Beattie was the very first to compose this line (it appears as part of his signature on the post), but the quote was there, in part form, in 1989.

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On this Yahoo Answers thread someone pointed out that it was from the Dragon magazine. There room archives obtainable here, for now. Ns looked with the an initial 150 magazines, after ~ which the isn"t older 보다 the quote above, with a Ctrl + F find for perform not m, and also didn"t discover anything - if anyone else desire to see if they can find anything, they are welcome come - like, the Ctrl + F search doesn"t work on images.