Gayle King is a popular author, television personality, and also journalist for CBS. She is the organize of the CBS morning show This Morning as well as editor-at-large because that Oprah’s magazine O, The Oprah Magazine. In the past, King has worked as a unique correspondent because that The Oprah Winfrey Show, co-host because that Cover come Cover top top NBC, and also even briefly held her very own self-titled syndicated talk show The Gayle King Show. When most world think that Gayle King, the topic often centers around her friendship with one of the most an effective women in America, yet there’s in reality a lot more to King than simply being besties with Oprah Winfrey. Permit us give you an within look at Gayle king’s life, her career, and also the Gayle King home photos of your dreams.

Sonja Flemming | CBS

Where go Gayle King Live?

She’s more daunting yo nail down than you’d think, yet most recently Gayle King lived in a Midtown, Manhattan penthouse and also a huge mansion in Glastonbury, Connecticut (more on that below). Store scrolling for an ext on the Gayle King home!

Gayle King Apartment Manhattan (Current)

Located on east 57th Street, top top the 36th floor the a influential tower, Gayle King choose up this deluxe penthouse for $7.1 million earlier in 2008. The 2,530 square foot unit functions 12-foot ceilings, gorgeous walnut flooring, and a kitchen v all Viking appliances.

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The penthouse boasts 3-bedrooms and also 3.5-bathrooms, with a drool-worthy master suite that has not only an tremendous en-suite bathroom v a spa bath tub and different glass shower, but likewise 3 walk-in closets (two that which have windows). For outdoor entertainment, the residence likewise features a 750 square foot wrap-around terrace that provides an remarkable view of the George Washington bridge as well as the sprawling metropolis below.

In 2011, King went on the Nate Berkus Show to display off her new York digs, most of which had actually influences of girlfriend Oprah’s format throughout.Records show that Oprah was most likely the buyer of the property but Gayle 100% live there. That is, until April 2012 as soon as it offered for $7.9M.

CorcoranGayle King home Glastonbury CT

Gayle’s mansion in Connecticut might not be rather as grandiose as Oprah’s 20,000 square foot royal residence in Montecito, CA, but it’s definitely nothing come scoff at. The 10,433 square foot early american boasts 6-bedrooms, 7-full bathrooms, and 3-half bathrooms and a substantial reception hall, library, solarium, employee accommodations, and also a 3-car garage.

Each spacious bedroom has actually its own en-suite bathroom and also walk-in closet for visiting guests and family, however the master suite steals the show – special a fireplace and also a large dressing room and a 22×14 sit room that’s perfect for…sitting.

Gayle purchased the residence earlier in 2000 because that $3.6 million, and also as some have reported, the exact same shell company provided on multiple properties of Oprah’s was also provided on this one. So, maybe Lady O to be Gayle’s landlord? who knows, however one that them sold it in 2015 for $3.1M.

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Gayle King Bio

Born in Chevy Chase, Maryland, come Peggy & Scott King, Gayle spent most of her at an early stage years living in Turkey with her parents and also 3 siblings because of her father’s job in the military. Upon return to the unified States, Gayle i graduated from the college of Maryland, earning her level in sociology and also psychology. Her career in broadcasting started in 1976 in ~ the Baltimore-based news channel WJZ-TV, where she operated as a manufacturing assistant. This would additionally be wherein she would meet a young up-and-coming news anchor by the surname of Oprah Winfrey. King would later train together a reporter because that the CBS-affiliated WUSA-TV in Washington, D.C. And also then walk on relocated come Kansas City, Missouri, to work as a weekend anchor and also reporter because that WDAF-TV in 1981, King was given the possibility to job-related as a news anchor in Hartford, Connecticut, because that WFSB, a news station that she would report because that over the following 18 years.

Gayle and WFSB co-anchor Dennis house |

King would also be taken on as a special correspondent for the daytime syndicated talk display The Oprah Winfrey Show, and also in 1991 would co-host Cover to Cover with Robin Wagner. In 1997, King was given her own self-titled talk present The Gayle King Show, however the regimen was canceled after only 1 season since of bad ratings. The talk display was later resurrected, however, in the type of a radio series in 2006 and also would briefly go back to television, via OWN, in 2011 till November that the very same year when King would start acting as co-anchor because that CBS This Morning. In addition to her career in television, Gayle King has also been the Editor-at-Large of O, The Oprah Magazine due to the fact that 1999.

CBS This Morning

Gayle King proceeds to co-host CBS This Morning together Anthony Mason and also Tony Dokoupil. She is most often remembered because that openly calling the end CBS after she found the network planned to keep sex-related harassment findings in ~ the company private and actually demanded castle disclose the details to the public. Her job-related in television would also earn she a ar in the broadcast & Cable hall of reputation in 2018.

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In 2020, following the death of Kobe Bryant, King faced backlash from social media and rapper Snoop Dog after CBS aired one excerpt native an interview with former WNBA player Lisa Leslie, where King pointed out the sexual assault allegations brought against Bryant ago in 2003. King would later on state that the scene that was offered was taken fully out that context, and Snoop Dog would eventually apologize for his harsh remarks.

Ramona Rosales | Watch! MagazineDoes Norah O’Donnell choose Gayle King?

Upon news that Norah O’Donnell to be leaving CBS This Morning to hold CBS evening News, rumors nearly immediately began to circulate the this was because of a beef in between King and O’Donnell, yet in a 2019 interview with both Norah and Gayle, the two conveniently squashed the rumors the a feud and when inquiry by ET why the media seemed to conveniently accept these rumors as true, Gayle jokingly responded “Cause we’re women, it is why. This never ever happens come men.” To reassure viewers even more that the pair to be still on an excellent terms, both Gayle and Norah damaged into a duet the Stevie Wonder and also Paul McCartney’s “Ebony and Ivory.”

Does Gayle King stay a Wig?

For years, people have been debating if Gayle king hair is actually actual or not. Some cases are the she attract a weave, while rather state her real hair is simply straightened and styled. According to numerous media outlets, however, king trademark shoulder-length locks are actually a wig, and it seems this might actually it is in true – because numerous viewers have pointed the end the truth that she hair sometimes appears to be slightly crooked or further ago than that “supposed” to be…Regardless the whether her hair is real or not, one thing is for specific – this beloved lady has actually style and also rocks the hair, natural or not!

Gayle King Oprah Sisters?

Since Gayle and also bestie Oprah Winfrey have actually pretty lot been associated at the hip due to the fact that as long as many of us can remember, numerous have actually believed the 2 were blood siblings. Though they have explained each other as sisters, they room not biologically connected – the 2 met if both were working for the same network in 1974. So, when they may not it is in blood-related, lock have had actually an inseparable bond the spans over the critical 4 decades.