Have you ever before driven by a donut shop and also suddenly discovered yourself crying uncontrollably, longing because that the heavenly, sugar-covered ring of pure joy and gluten? ns mean, me neither. Ns was entirely asking because that a friend. Yet if you ever before need a donut fix, where execute you turn? Luckily, there room a couple of brands that market gluten-free donuts.

Notice that I wrote “few” — as in “three.” We’ve to be able to find only three significant gluten-free food suppliers that create ready-to-eat GF donuts the you deserve to buy in ~ the grocery store. (And one is just in choose stores on the eastern coast.) other brands sell donut mixes, but we’ve favored to save those for an additional list and focus just on options you don’t have actually to chef — because sometimes you don’t desire to take the moment to bake those sweet dough rings prior to shoving lock in your mouth.

Want to try your hand at baking your very own donuts? examine out this 12 Gluten-Free Flour Brands human being Swear By prior to you get started.

Top Gluten-Free Donut Brands

Who makes gluten-free donuts? Surprisingly, not a the majority of companies sell ready-made GF donuts. We’ve discovered the two renowned brands that do — Katz and Kinnikinnick — and one more recent brand that is trying to do a name for itself: flexibility Gluten Free.

Below is a perform detailing what donut flavors these service providers offer and where we’ve been able to uncover them.

This article is informational only. Gluten-Free Grubbin’ will not receive compensation in any form for pointing out these products or brands.

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Powdered DonutsGlazed coco DonutsCranberry DonutsPowdered Donut HolesGlazed cacao Donut HolesGlazed DonutsGlazed Donut HolesCinnamon Donut HolesChocolate Frosted DonutsPumpkin freckles Glazed DonutsMini Jelly DonutsChocolate Frosted Sprinkle DonutsTriple coco DonutsGingerbread DonutsSea Salt Caramel DonutsCinnamon DonutsCinnamon Protein Donut HolesGrab ‘N’ go – Powdered DonutsGrab ‘N’ go – Cinnamon DonutsPowdered Protein Donut HolesPlain DonutsApple FrittersBlueberry FrittersCherry Fritters

Cross-Contamination: Katz’s products are make in a gluten-free, nut-free, and dairy-free facility the is certified through the Gluten Intolerance Group. Katz is a kosher manufacturer.(Source: Katz)

Where come Buy – Albertsons, new Seasons, Safeway, and also Whole Foods. Usage this save locator to check out where you can buy Katz gluten-free donuts.



Cinnamon sugar DonutsChocolate Dipped DonutsVanilla Glazed DonutsMaple Glazed DonutsSoft Donuts

Cross-Contamination: all Kinnikinnick assets are certified by the Gluten-Free Certification Program and also are kosher. They’re also produced in a dedicated gluten-free facility, whereby all commodities are preserved separate till they have actually been tested and found to have less 보다 5 ppm that gluten. Kinnikinnick foods are lab tested to ensure they room also free from dairy, tree nuts, peanuts, and also soy. (Source: Kinnikinnick)

Where come Buy – Amazon, new Seasons, Walmart, and also Whole Foods. Inspect out this store finder to learn which regional businesses lug Kinnikinnick gluten-free donuts.


Freedom Gluten Free

Devil’s Food cacao MinisOld Fashioned Glazed MinisFull sized Novelty DoughnutsApple Cider Doughnut Minis

Cross-Contamination: freedom Gluten totally free doughnuts are certified gluten totally free by the Gluten Intolerance Group and also are complimentary from dairy, soy, peanuts, and also tree nuts. They are likewise kosher certified. We reached out to learn an ext about how freedom keeps its facilities complimentary from cross-contamination, and also a firm rep said, “We additionally do our own trial and error periodically simply to ensure no one of our ingredients are ever before cross contaminated before they acquire to us!” (Source: flexibility Gluten Free)

Where come Buy – You deserve to order flexibility doughnuts online through Amazon. At this time, castle are only in choose stores in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and brand-new Hampshire. Examine out their present Retailers list to find out more.

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Gluten-Free Donuts room Usually Frozen

If you’re roaming the save aisles can not to find GF donuts, don’t leaving without checking the frozen food section. Both Kinnikinnick and also Katz donuts are the “thaw and serve” type, which means you should keep them frozen till you’re ready to eat them.

Why don’t more companies make donuts without gluten? it seems prefer a winning industry to acquire into, yet what carry out I know? At least we have alternatives to conserve us if we’re in the mood because that gluten-free donuts however don’t desire to visit a bakery.

We hope you’ve uncovered this perform helpful. Let us know below which donut odor is her favorite!