Magic mouthwash is a therapy that some physicians prescribe to treat dental mucositis. This condition is a severe inflammation the the lining of the mouth.

Oral mucositis is a usual side effect of cancer treatments, specifically radiation for head and neck cancer. If some researches support the usage of magic mouthwash, others carry out not. Some professional organizations likewise warn that its dangers.

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Keep reading to learn much more about magic mouthwash, including factors to consider prior to using it.

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Magic mouthwash is a product that compounding pharmacies generally make.

Compounding a medication means that a pharmacist combines specific amounts of numerous commercially accessible medications to develop a new medication. A medical professional will create the prescription, which might look an ext like a recipe, because that a compounded medication.

Other names for magic mouthwash incorporate “Duke’s magic mouthwash” or “Mary’s magic mouthwash.”

Magic mouthwash typically contains:

nystatin, one antifungal medication diphenhydramine, which can aid dry out the mouth.

According come the phibìc Carolina board of Pharmacy, the particular mixture because that magic mouthwash includes the following:

30 milliliters (ml) that nystatin suspension in ~ 100,000 units/ml, or 3 million systems of nystatin powder60 milligrams hydrocortisone sufficient diphenhydramine HCL syrup to lug the complete volume as much as 240 ml

A human being will usually save the mixture in a refrigerator. Most human being should not use a formulation as soon as 14 days have passed since the pharmacist first mixed the solution.

However, part recipes because that magic mouthwash deserve to vary. Sometimes, a pharmacy will add viscous lidocaine, which has actually a numbing effect.

Other times, castle will add an antacid or various other medication the coats the mouth’s lining to reduce discomfort. Examples incorporate kaolin, aluminum or magnesium hydroxide, or sucralfate.


A pharmacy may supply magic mouthwash in small containers because that individual use or a big container indigenous which a person will to water each dose.

The typical management is around 30 ml every 4–6 hours. A human being may use a syringe to traction up the medication, or castle may have a small measuring cup.

Magic mouthwash is only an ideal for swishing in the mouth prior to a person spits that out. They need to never drink the mouthwash.

The specific directions the use might vary, depending on the pharmacy compounding the mouthwash or the prescribing doctor. However, this is a general guide on utilizing magic mouthwash:

Obtain the correct sheep of magic mouthwash, either by syringe, spoon, or measure cup. To water the liquid into the mouth. Swish the fluid in the mouth from side to side or in a swirling pattern because that at least 1 minute. Setup a phone call timer can aid ensure the a person uses the mouthwash lengthy enough. Spit out the mouthwash. Carry out not rinse the mouth after ~ spitting, as this can reduce the medication’s effectiveness by washing away the mouthwash remnants.Refrain from eating or drinking because that at least 30 minute after making use of the mouthwash come maximize the effects.

Using or eating too lot of the mouthwash can reason a person to suffer nausea or numbness in the neck afterward.

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Doctors typically prescribe magic mouthwash to reduce symptoms of oral mucositis. This problem can reason severe next effects, including bleeding ulcers in the mouth and far-ranging oral pain. As a result, some human being may not have the ability to eat or drink due to the fact that their mouth damages so much.

According come the Oncology education Society, an ext than one-third of human being undergoing cancer therapies discontinue the treatment responsible for mucositis due to the severity of their symptoms. Doctors may prescribe magic mouthwash and also other remedies to shot to help people proceed to tolerate their treatments.

While the principle that magic mouthwash could help treat mucositis might be good in theory, researchers have not proven the effectiveness.

A 2016 randomized, double-blind examine comparing magic mouthwash with another mouthwash and a placebo uncovered that the magic mouthwash ready was an ext effective 보다 the placebo in reducing radiation-related mucositis pain.

The researcher asked the participants questions about pain reduction directly after they supplied the mouthwash and at intervals till 4 hrs after making use of it. The researchers found that the participants tolerated the mouthwash well.

An older 2011 randomized study did not find magic mouthwash to add sucralfate come be more effective than one more mouthwash form that included the medication benzydamine hydrochloride.

This study focused on whether the mouthwash can prevent dental mucositis. Therefore, the participants used the mouthwash both before and also during their radiation treatments, quite than just during treatment.

Differences in formulations and also uses for magic mouthwash — because that example, therapy vs. Avoidance — do it complicated to conclude whether it is effective.