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A great old city legend that i still remember to this day is that the soft drink hill Dew death sperm and reduces their in its entirety sperm count. This has been, at the very least for me, something I’ve heard since the playground days throughout grade school. And also at the moment it made sense, that the only eco-friendly soft drink and its very acidic and sweet. It fit the profile and also at 13 or so years old i wasn’t gonna question it. Yet now the I have actually explored science with this class it’s time because that me come actually discover the answer.

We very first need to start out with how did this myth begin or more or less what around mountain dew produced this bizarre accusation yet left Sprite, Pepsi, and Coke aside from this. Mountain dew has actually a an excellent amount of ingredients but the two that stick out the most in this myth are caffeine and Yellow dye #5, additionally known as Tart

razine. If you malfunction this 2 ingredients we deserve to see the something isn’t adding up. Mountain dew contains 54mg the caffeine in a 12 oz can.  That might seem like a lot of since coke has 34mg per 12 ounces, Dr. Pepper has 41, and Pepsi has 38. If we had to count on caffeine to it is in the reason for the palliation of sperm climate we have to look at various other high caffeine drinks and see how they compare. The median cup of coffee has 217mg every 12 ounces, about 4 times more than the hill Dew! So because that comparison’s sake, hill Dew doesn’t contain an extremely much caffeine, contrasted to various other things many generally drink. Through even much more proof “The Chemical wellness Hazard Assessment division of the Canadian office of chemistry Safety reviewed every the current studies top top the subject and also found that they showed that if a male drank one or twocups of coffee every day, that would have an increase in his sperms motility and also density.” So in ~ this suggest caffeine if noþeles is law the precise opposite and actually increase the high quality of sperm.

But us aren’t excellent yet. We still have actually yellow dye #5 or Tartrazine. Tartrazine can be found in anything and everything ranging from ice cream cream to her favorite bag of chips come chewing gum. Tartrazine is really water soluble so many of Tartrazine you put in her body will run ideal through kidney 

and come the end in your urine. Very tiny is actually metabolized by our bodies. The european Food safety and security Authority re-evaluated the impacts of Tartrazine in 2009.  “There space no adverse impacts on reproduction or advance from consuming Tartazine.” They even tested world at a price of 1225 mg/kg and also still found no disadvantage effects. Sperm affects aside, the FDA does recommend the we should only ingest 5 milligrams every kilogram per day the Yellow dye #5. But every one of this needs to do strictly because that allergenic reasons not reproductive reasons. But this is only due to the truth that there are only a very small percentage of people who are allergic come it. (1/1000) 

So over there you have it. Legend busted! hill Dew’s long lasting accusation of reducing sperm count has actually been verified wrong. Caffeine and also yellow dye #5 the main ingredients the fueled the myth actually have actually zero effect on reproduction that sperm and also at the end of the day all men deserve to rest basic now and sit back and enjoy mountain Dew. 

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