Papa John’s delivery Driver Job summary & Interview

Job Description and Duties

What does a Papa John’s delivery Driver Do?

The position of shipment driver has delivering orders and also completing financial transactions. At part Papa John’s locations, shipment drivers dual as team members and perform cooking and cleaning task duties approximately the pizza shop.

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Hiring Requirements and Drug Testing

Typical job requirements firmly insist only workers 16 and over with valid permits and also clean steering records use for Papa John’s driver jobs. Papa John’s on regular basis drug tests distribution drivers at plenty of locations, together well. Best candidates journey well, keep an alert and friendly attitude, and also stand cursed to notice service. Training generally lasts just a couple of days and also includes both oral and hands-on demonstration.

Salary and also Compensation

How much Do They acquire Paid?

Delivery vehicle drivers working for Papa John’s frequently earn beginning pay roughly minimum wage. Papa John’s shipment drivers likewise earn tips for prompt service. In traditionally part-time positions, most shipment drivers work 20 come 30 hours a week. Holidays and major sporting events may facilitate an ext and longer shifts per week. Papa John’s delivery drivers might work late right into the night. Skilled Papa John’s delivery drivers knife $10.00 come $15.00 one hour including tips.

Additional Benefits available by Papa John’s

In enhancement to base pay, Papa John’s likewise offers employment benefits to default workers. Papa John’s job benefits encompass paid time off, discounts ~ above food and also drink, healthcare coverage, and also life insurance options. 401(k) retirement plans also exist because that qualified employees. Work-related benefits and also eligibility requirements generally vary through Papa John’s location and also position.


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Papa John’s delivery Driver Interview Video

Video Transcript

Interviewer: Please explain your task title and primary duties. Papa John’s distribution Driver: when I functioned there, i was a pizza delivery driver, therefore my mostly duty was delivering pizza, but we had other duties depending upon if we functioned day or night, we focused on preparing or cleaning up the save for the work or the following day, getting the food out, or closing up shop, and just kind of act the maintenance and getting whatever put ago for the next day.

Interviewer: What to be the work environment like? Papa John’s distribution Driver: It to be a most fun. A the majority of that to be dependent on the civilization I functioned with. They to be a really an excellent team. It to be a funny atmosphere, and also I finished up working there a lengthy time due to the fact that of that. So, it to be a calm environment. So, it was a fun location to work.

Interviewer: just how would you explain the application and interview process? Papa John’s distribution Driver: A relatively easy applications process. I think for distribution drivers, they desire to know about your steering records. Ns think, if i remember right, you can only have actually a couple tickets. Friend couldn’t have any type of serious offenses, choose driving or DUI or anything prefer that. But the applications didn’t need a high school diploma or anything like that. It was straightforward process.

Interviewer: What inquiries did the interviewer ask throughout the job interview? Papa John’s shipment Driver: They want to understand alot around your personality type. Type of inquiries on just how you attend to the customer. They desire to make certain you’re walking to it is in polite and also sort of current yourself and represent the save in the appropriate way. That course, they want to make certain you’re going come work, and also not simply standing around. Then, there to be a the majority of driving-related questions: what you perform in these certain varieties of situations, type of simply verbal questions around driving, basically.

Interviewer: What other advice would you offer to a job seeker spring to gain employment? Papa John’s shipment Driver: If you’re applying for the position, of food you want a fuel-efficient, reliable automobile to type of maximize the amount of money you’re going to make. You’re typically paid every run, not per mile. And I think that you would want to existing yourself, dress fairly nice because that the applications process, and also to ensure the you obtain the position.

Papa John’s Driver Interview video 2

Video Transcript

Interviewer: Please define your project title and also primary duties. Papa John’s Driver: in ~ Papa John’s, i was a delivery driver. Basically, my key titles to be to assist out do pizzas, but my key job to be to supply to customers in the neighboring area.

Interviewer: What was your favorite part about working there? Papa John’s Driver: The money, the tips. You always have money in her pocket gift a shipment driver, always. Some people didn’t tip, however for the most part, depending on where you operated at, you had actually money in your pocket always.

Interviewer: Please explain a usual day together an employee. Papa John’s Driver: friend come in, clock in. You can mix a pair of pizzas, however as quickly as you obtain in, there’s 10-15 orders all set to go. Girlfriend get about five orders, probably three orders at a time, depending upon your suffer on the job. You usually go out, supply the pizzas come the person’s house, and come ago in a timely manner to get the next shipment.

Interviewer: exactly how would you describe the application and interview process? Papa John’s Driver: The application was fairly easy. An extremely simple. Ns think it was in reality one page, front and also back. The interview process… lock basically want to understand if ns knew my areas, did I have actually a GPS, was I acquainted with working v customers, just how would i treat a customer if something did walk bad.

Interviewer: What questions did the interviewer ask during the task interview? Papa John’s Driver: Basically, what would certainly you do if a customer wasn’t happy with their food? A lot of times in the rapid food industry, civilization do try to obtain one over, try to cheat the system. They’ll be like, “My pizza’s wrong,” eat fifty percent the pizza, and also leave a piece of hair ~ above it. You need to understand just how to differentiate in between real and fake, and they want to recognize if friend would be able to do that, and what you might do to conserve that pizza, save that company. And you likewise have to be mindful how to it is in safe. You had to have your insurance and tags right.

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Interviewer: What other advice would you give to a project seeker looking to acquire employment? Papa John’s Driver: Be willing to work, because it’s a project you’re going to have to work for. They’re periodically where you’re walking to have shifts that you’re no going to want to do, however its component of the job. You want money and also when you look at your paycheck, you’ll it is in pleased v the task you did.

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