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GettyRalph Macchio is photographed in ~ ‘The IMDb Show’ in 2019.

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Another element of his figure has additionally gained some attention. The day-to-day SoapDish published an write-up earlier this month questioning if Macchio is sporting a hairpiece in Cobra Kai. One more theory noted was the he had actually undergone a follicular unit transplantation within recent years.

In September 2020, the website HITC mutual a comparable assessment regarding the actor’s hairline. The publishing reported that Twitter users have surmised Macchio likely has actually on a wig while showing his personality Daniel LaRusso.

HITC acknowledged, however, the the father-of-two has not yet released a statement “about his hair.” The publication also detailed that Yahoo Entertainment exit an article virtually a decade back that theorized Macchio to be either put on a hairpiece or had a transplantation procedure once he was completing on the 12th season the Dancing through the Stars. The write-up pointed out that his hair looked thinner prior to being a contestant in 2011 on the hit abc show.

Fans of the display Have Scrutinized Macchio’s Hair on Reddit


GettyRalph Macchio rocks a blue suit while in ~ the 2018 Tribeca film Festival.

Recently, a couple of Cobra Kai fans have scrutinized Macchio’s hair on the famous social platform Reddit. In one object uploaded earlier this month top top the Cobra Kai subreddit, a fan v the username Aan75 posed the question, “Does Ralph Macchio undertake a toupee in the series?”

“Somebody said that the does and that it’s really noticeable as soon as Daniel’s mommy is poignant his hair. I am no 100% certain if he actually does undertake one because I’ve never ever noticed it, I assumed it to be his organic hair. For this reason my concern is does that wear a toupee in the series? I recognize this is a random question so girlfriend don’t have to reply and I know if this is removed but I just want to understand the answer to this, thanks!” check out the post.

Other Reddit individuals flocked come the comments section to share their opinions on the matter.

“It does look prefer a hair item to me.. That combs it too strangely because that someone with herbal hair and he has too much of it because that a comb over,” asserted one commenter through the username ilikecats56.

A comparable discussion was common on the same subreddit ~ above January 6, 2021, v a commenter that has the username Score-Shoddy, writing,

Ralph Macchio’s hair. Thoughts? Is that a toupee? Is the not? Curious come hear what rather think.

“It’s really tough not to stare. Execute the gibbs not discover it distracting? Not just that, yet it’s darker this season. Ralph Macchio, simply be you!” responded the Reddit user birdygolfer.

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As previously mentioned, however, the actor has not openly handle the allegations about him having synthetic hair.