Sokka shed The many In Avatar: The last Airbender's Final fight Even despite he and also the rest of Team Avatar escape reasonably unscathed in the Avatar finale, Sokka loser both his trusty boomerang and also sword.

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Avatar Finale Sokka
The four-part Avatar: The critical Airbender finale, "Sozin"s Comet," is full of thrilling victories for Team Avatar. However, Sokka, the brave water tribe warrior and lead strategist because that the team, suffered two great losses during his last battle. Even though he and also the rest of Team Avatar escape reasonably unscathed, Sokka sacrifices both his trusty boomerang and also his meteor sword in the fight against the Fire Nation"s soldiers.

In "Sozin"s Comet," Sokka, Suki, and Toph hijack the Fire Nation"s fleet of airships prior to they"re able to reach the planet Kingdom. Sokka and also Toph room separated from Suki and also chased by Fire nation soldiers. They finish up dangling native the airship while the soldiers prepare to bend fire in ~ them. Together a critical resort, Sokka knocks the soldiers turn off the delivery by throwing his boomerang and also his knife at them. Suki steers one airship right into the fleet, conserving Sokka and also Toph, but Sokka"s boomerang and room sword are shed for good. It"s a heartbreaking moment that gets shed in the rest of the finale as Team Avatar ultimately triumphs over Fire lord Ozai and also restores balance to the world.

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Sokka"s boomerang and sword were very important come his photo of himself, as both a warrior and also a member of Team Avatar. Each weapon allowed him to hold his own against some extremely powerful benders and develop his distinct fighting style. Even though Team Avatar wins every one of their war - Aang loss Ozai, Zuko and also Katara beat Azula, and also Sokka, Suki, and Toph take under the airships - Sokka"s loss still stings since of the significance both of these weapons have actually with regards to his personality and also growth over the series.

Avatar The critical Airbender Final battle Sokka Toph
one of the most iconic things about Sokka is his boomerang. Throughout Avatar: The last Airbender, Sokka uses this an easy weapon to fight numerous formidable enemies, including the turbulent Rhinos and also the terrifying burning Man. Not only is his boomerang a helpful weapon, the is also a connect to Sokka"s southern Water people roots. His father, chief Hakoda, gave the the boomerang prior to departing for war. Hakoda is one incredibly vital figure in Sokka"s life, and for a when the boomerang was every he had actually left of him. The boomerang associated Sokka to his father and also his home while top top his journeys v Aang, and it additionally helped the and the rest of Team Avatar out of part sticky situations.

Sokka makes his sword in season 3, illustration 4, "Sokka"s Master." emotion inadequate compared to his bender friends, Sokka to learn the arts of sword-fighting from White Lotus member master Piandao and forges his very own sword indigenous the metal in a meteor. The entire episode is a celebration of Sokka"s ingenuity, with his unique an are sword highlighting his creativity as a fighter and strategist. Even though Sokka wields this sword for much less than a season, it helps grow even an ext into the image he has of himself together a brave warrior.

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Both Sokka"s boomerang and also sword are incredibly vital to him and his trip throughout Avatar: The last Airbender, and losing lock in the finale is a terrible blow because that him. However, Sokka is not only the weapons that that fights with. The is smart and an innovative all top top his own. Promotional art for The Legend the Korra depicts adult Sokka with a sword and also boomerang, so he must have actually gained new weapons at part point after the original series ended. While he is the member of Team Avatar who loses the most in the finale, it"s comforting to recognize that he it s okay his trusty weapons ago in some form.