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Title: also A Miracle requirements A HandArtist: southern Park
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Stan: at this rate, it would take a miracle to finish this thing!Kyle: now don"t go saying that. Miracles occur most every day.To world like you and also me.But don"t suppose a miracle,Unless you assist make it to be.You hope, and I"ll hurry.You pray, and I"ll plan.We"ll perform what"s necessary, "cause,Even a miracle needs a hand!You love.Stan: us love.Kyle: and also I"ll labor.Stan: Tralalala.Kyle: girlfriend sit.Stan: we sit.Kyle: and I"ll stand.Get assist from our following door neighbor, "cause,Even a miracle demands a hand!You can do Cartman"s voice, can"t you?Stan: Oh, I"m so fat.Kyle: girlfriend gotta sound fatter.Stan: Oh, friend guys! Seriously, I"m for this reason fat! assist me out over hyah!(Reading script) i don"t know what come do, dude. Who do we help?I to speak WE help SANTA CLAUS!Kyle: Oh, your just saying that due to the fact that he bring you presents.Stan: HEY! ns DON"T have to TAKE THAT kind OF S**T indigenous A JEW!Kyle: friend wish.Stan: us wish.Kyle: and I"ll wittle.Stan: Tralalala.Kyle: girlfriend sit.Stan: us sit.Kyle: and I"ll stand.Stan: Tralalala.Stan & Kyle: We"ve all obtained to help a little, "causeEven a miracle demands a-(Truck operation over Kenny.)Kyle: It"s okay.

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We"ll just have actually his character die in the film.Stan & Kyle: even a miracle needs a hand.-----------------Even A Miracle requirements A HandSouth Park
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