Hallmark movies Now, Hallmark’s streaming service, is publication its first-ever initial Christmas movie! There’s speculation that this movie will ultimately make its way to Hallmark movies & Mysteries ~ above December 5. However, until this happens, the movie will just be easily accessible on the streaming service starting November 18. Below, you’ll discover information around the cast and crew, movie plot, as well as photos and also videos previewing Every Time a Bell Rings!

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Premiere Date: Nov. 18, 2021Original Network: Hallmark movie NowProgramming Event: movies & MistletoeDirector: Maclain Nelson (See complete crew)Writer(s): Audrey Shulman (See complete crew)Actors: Erin Cahill,Brittany Ishibashi, Ali Liebert (See complete cast)Where to Watch: Hallmark movies Now, Sling TV

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Every Time a Bell Rings Plot

“Charlotte, Emily and also Nora are sisters who reunite in their hometown the Natchez, Mississippi in ~ Christmas ~ a long time apart, and their mommy Donna couldn’t be more happiness to have actually them residence for the holiday. Longtime girlfriend Liam is also glad to see the sisters earlier in town, specifically Charlotte. The trio is surprised to find their late father had actually planned one critical scavenger hunt because that them to discover their family’s wooden wishing bell, which was a beloved, annual holiday heritage when they to be young. Charlotte, Emily and Nora’s search for hints in the job leading approximately Christmas, take away them come childhood haunts about Natchez that host special meaning for them. In the process, your sisterly shortcut is rekindled and each learns critical lesson around what they desire in life and in love.”