SEE video BELOW from visit in ~ Wildey Theatre through Karolyn Grimes, ZuZu Bailey in "It"s A exorbitant Life."

“Look daddy, teacher says, every time a bell ring an angel gets his wings,” ZuZu Bailey’s famous quote native “It’s A wonderful Life.”

“That’s right. That’s right. That a young Clarence…,” claims George Bailey.

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Karolyn Grimes played numerous movie roles in her early on years, yet her part today is to be the unofficial ambassador because that “It’s A exorbitant Life,” a 1946 film v a genuine taste that Americana.

Grimes kicked turn off the Christmas season in the an ar Thursday v two appearances in ~ Wildey Theatre’s mirroring of “It’s A wonderful Life.”

“It is my privilege come share mine stories about making the movie through an audience that loved the movie,” Grimes said. ”It is a great movie that has actually touched a most people’s lives. I love sharing the stage with these people. I had actually fun in ~ the Wildey Theatre and also I had actually fun in Edwardsville.”

Grimes claimed it is a privilege come be linked with a movie that touches civilization all end the world.

“Director open minded Capra has many subtle message in the film,” she said. “One post is that each among us matters and we all make a difference. There are a many men and also women whose desires never come true, as with George. As soon as you watch the movie, you realize just how lucky you really are, through your family and also friends.”

Grimes to be an orphan in ~ 15, shedding both she mother and father within a year. She mother passed away of at an early stage onset Alzheimer’s complications and also her dad was eliminated in a auto accident.

She climate lived with relatives, who weren’t big on movies and also television and didn’t view the movie herself till she was 40 year old, ironically ~ above Christmas Day.

After she viewed the movie, she said all of a sudden this whole brand-new world opened up come her and also the story were therefore poignant and meaningful. She has actually traveled the country and also all over the human being sharing stories around the movie and in return human being tell she what the movie has actually meant come them.

“I feel privileged to be the tiny girl that played ZuZu and also to it is in a part of people’s Christmas every year,” Grimes said. “It was just a job earlier then when I walk this movie. I deserve to memorize something and back then i did everything I was told come do. Frank Capra was a exorbitant director.”

Grimes to be 6 year old at the moment of filming “It’s A exorbitant Life.”

She claimed she love working v director Capra.

“He got down on his knees and also would speak to us at eye level,” she said. “That is how he obtained us to execute what the wanted.”

The “It’s A wonderful Life” actors member said there is a lot of talk around her being “a star,” however she said she doesn’t figure it favor that.

“I to be a item of movie history, that is all,” she said.

Grimes operated with few of the finest actors ever in Jimmy Stewart and also John Wayne. She stated Stewart to be “very kind and also gentle and he to be patient.”

“Jimmy aided his fellow man in so numerous ways,” she said. “He speak to a the majority of fans over the years the he actually helped. He served in the military. He did so countless things in his life. The did kind gestures all the moment for people. One mrs in details comes come mind was with a pan for countless years and she had actually met him once in new York. She was from a blue-collar town and she had a wonderful scrapbook the his life and an individual pictures and was his No. 1 fan.

“The woman’s husband had Parkinson’s and was on the downhill slide and trying to acquire him in a V.A. Hospital. They to be going to shed their house and also she created to Jimmy and told that what was happening. In ~ a week, he remained in a V.A. Hospital and also we every knew who obtained the guy there. Jimmy did kind things every the time.”

Next year will mark the 70th anniversary of the historic movie and also there will certainly be a big celebration in Seneca Falls, N.Y., which Grimes considers “home.” “It’s A wonderful Life” was first released in 1946. Capra checked out Seneca Falls, N.Y., in 1945, and it lugged him impetus for Bedford Falls, portrayed in his well known Christmas movie.

“We have a fabulous festival in Seneca Falls yearly that i go to every year and I type of began the festival the second weekend in December.”


“I gained chills the first time ns went earlier to Seneca Falls and also now i just gain a warmth in my heart. The is a sort of coming-home.”

On Thursday, Grimes showed up right at home at the Wildey Theatre, and the group loved and appreciated her as lot as she did them.

"For me, act this is favor living out Christmas twelve months a year,” she said.

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