Let the good Bobblehead hunting begin… Again! very first things first, allows grab the Bobblehead - Strength indigenous Lucas Simms’ house, the door to which is locked . The Bobblehead is upstairs on a workdesk in a room in the south-eastern edge of the house. Well, that wasn’t therefore hard, currently was it?

If you want to live in Tenpenny Tower, you deserve to now safely punch up Megaton. If you already got the Bobblehead and also blew increase Megaton, simply go finish the quest “Those!” and also get Lesko to provide you the Ant Might perk. One of two people way, us now have the Strength and also Intelligence Bobbleheads.

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2) Future Plans

We can complete practically everything left in the main video game with one arching sweep through the neglected northern component of the resources Wasteland, grabbing the Endurance and huge Guns Bobbleheads, perfect the quests “You Gotta shoot ’Em in the Head , “ “Oasis” , **** and “Agatha’s Song” , then grabbing the Perception,

Agility, Charisma, and also Luck Bobbleheads.

First, however, lets finish a small quest the should have popped up about now. Once you go back to the Megaton area after ~ “The Waters of Life” you’ll obtain a new radio frequency, a “Vault 101 Emergency Frequency”. We functioned too tough clearing this area out to have new quests popular music up behind us! Head over to Vault 101 to see what’s up.


3) return Home

Turn ~ above the radio on her Pip-Boy 3000 and also listen come the “Vault 101 Emergency Frequency”. Amata will say the her dad went mad with power. After ~ you’ve listend to the message you’ll acquire the password come the door and the search “Trouble ~ above the Homefront” will certainly begin. Open the Vault door come get earlier into the location you offered to call home. Within you’ll watch proof that points have certainly made a turn for the worse. You’ll find the bodies of Jim Wilkins and also Steve Armstrong, top top the latter of i m sorry is a Stealth Boy. Head v the door to the west to find Officer Gomez.

4) The Overseer’s Feeble steel Fist

He’ll tell you that world thought James had the appropriate idea once he left the Vault, and also the Overseer, naturally, didn’t like any type of thought that an alternative that successfully took far his precious Overseer position. Officer Gomez is smart, together usual, and doesn’t shot to gain in her way, but he does present you v some options. We have to go check out Amata, but we can likewise go visit the rebels who want to open the Vault. That course, us can constantly just leave and let them type things the end for themselves, however what fun would certainly that be? Head come the west down some stair to with the Vault 101 Atrium/Upper Level.

5) risk to the Rebellion

You’ll come throughout Freddie, a Tunnel Snake, and the elderly Officer Taylor in a confrontation. Officer Taylor shoots in ~ Freddie, who runs off. Officer Taylor will certainly then speak to you. Go with a door to the south to gain up to the upper level and also head west through another door v the red-lit room. You might get struck by an Officer Wilkins on your way. Eventually you’ll come to the Jail. Search the lockers to discover the keep in mind “Jail cabinet Password” and also check out the terminal to discover out just just how serious points are getting in Vault 101. Unlock the cell door to uncover your old teacher, Mr. Brotch. He’ll call you that the safety are certainly planning to assault the rebels.

6) confront the Overseer… Again!

Continue west and go with the door ~ above your right to find the room whereby Jonas to be killed and also keep going until you uncover the Overseer’s Office. The Overseer will chat v you, and also he’s just as unpleasant together he ever before was. You deserve to either side through him and also go chat with the rebels, or succeed at a Speech challenge to to convince him girlfriend can’t remain in the Vaults forever. This is the an excellent route, and also he’ll operation off to tell Amata the she’s the brand-new Overseer. Before we work out on a decision though, we must talk come the rebels. Head ago out come the hallway to uncover the door come the Vault 101 living Quarters.

7) v the life Quarters

Follow the stairs to the bottom till you acquire two tunnels you have the right to follow. Overlook the north tunnel the leads to the Vault 101 Sub-Level because that now and also continue eastern until the route splits again. Come the south you’ll find the cafeteria and plenty that neutral vault inhabitants to speak to, such together Ellen DeLoria, Pepper Gomez, and Wally Mack. Whereby you really want to go is increase the stairs come the north.

8) Sabotaging the Vault

NPC - Butch

You’ll be confronted by her old pal Butch. He usually agrees that acquiring out the Vault is far better than remaining inside. He probably wouldn’t feeling the same while that was gaining mauled by super Mutants? Butch desires to pressure the issue for both political parties by sabotaging the Vault’s reactor. If you desire to perform this, head under to the Vault 101 Sub-Level and accessibility the Vault 101 maintain Terminal . To sabotage the vault choose the “Begin Water Chip Service” option, climate the “Begin manual Service” option, and also lastly the “Run solution Purge” option.

The Overseer will show up, quite upset. You can convince him the a rebel sabotaged the reactor through a Speech challenge, and also he’ll decision to go down v the ship, together it were. Head up to the Vault Entrance and Amata will talk to you. You deserve to convince she it was the Overseer’s fault v a effective Speech challenge. You can now leave the Vault, learning that many of the people your age are doomed out in the Wasteland, and also those that aren’t deserve to no much longer really make a go of it the end in the Vault.

9) Amata’s Capitulation

Head eastern over to her Dad’s old clinic to discover Amata, who has actually made her rebel headquarters here, fittingly enough. She’ll come speak to you when you acquire near and ask because that your help with resolving the instance in the Vault. If friend succeed at a Speech difficulty (a much less complicated one than with the Overseer) she’ll capitulate and also tell you come tell the Overseer that the rebels will protect against trying to gain out that the Vault. Don’t comprise your psychic yet, though-there’s looting to it is in done!

10) Mutilator Andy

Schematic - Rock-It Launcher

In the room south of the clinic you’ll find your Dad’s old office. Within is a really bloody Andy, and also a an extremely dead Beatrice. Speak to the malfunctioning robot to uncover out what taken place to Beatrice. Creepy… the couldn’t even reduced a cake right, why would anybody think he’d make a an excellent surgeon? oh well… when you’re here, search the framed quote ~ above the wall surface , good old Dad’s favorite Revelation 21:6. Inside you’ll uncover 300 Caps, the note “Home Sweet Home” and the Schematic - Rock-It Launcher .

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11) The Future of the Vault

Now it’s time to make a choice. If you convince the Overseer to open up the Vault you’ll obtain a Mo dified utility Jumpsuit native Amata. If you convince Amata to provide up the rebellion, the Overseer will give you a various reward escape what girlfriend ask for. Ask for food and ammo and also you’ll obtain 15 Cram and also 355 5mm Rounds, or the Modified energy Jumpsuit if girlfriend ask for technology. If girlfriend sabotage the reactor everybody will disperse and also leave the Vault. You won’t get a reward, however you deserve to now find Butch at the Muddy Rudder bar in Rivet City, recruitable together an NPC, if you have actually neutral karma. No matter what you do, you won’t have the ability to stay in the Vault… together if we’d desire to pat a game that took ar soley in below anyways. Time come say good-bye come Vault 101 again. We met part old… uh, people, and got a trinket or two, but at least it’s excellent with.