♪ It appears today the all you see ♪♪ is violence in movies and also s*x on TV. ♪♪ but where space those good old-fashioned worths ♪♪ on which we provided to rely? ♪♪ lucky there"s a family guy. ♪♪ lucky there"s a male who positively deserve to do ♪♪ every the things that make us ♪♪ laugh and cry ♪♪ He"s... A... Fam... Ily... Guy! ♪

There"s Craig Hoffman. He"s together a rebel.

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Oh, mine God, he is so gorgeous.

And that plays through no one"s rules but his own.

Meg, you need to ask him out.

I mean, you"re the only one of us who"s ever had a real boyfriend.

I"m back. Ns brought an additional picnic.

You"re together a good listener. You"re not favor the various other boys.

You"re so an excellent with animals.

I guess I might give the a try. Every right, here goes.

Hi, Craig.

I was wondering if perhaps you"d desire to....

I don"t know, go the end sometime.

That"s about as most likely as me playing by who else"s rules as well as my own... Which i would never do.

I beat by my very own rules, nobody else"s.

Not even my own.

How around a movie?

I don"t walk out through dudes.

Mom, Dad, am ns ugly?

Of food not, sweetie.

Yeah, where"d you obtain a stupid idea choose that?

Craig Hoffman.

Craig Hoffman stated that?

Well, he"s a spicy kid. You might be ugly.

There, there, Iet me dried those tears.

Yes, your anguish sustains me.

Meg, honey, don"t permit those awful youngsters at school... Make you feel bad about yourself. I tell you what.

Tomorrow you and I space gonna go out and also get you some brand new outfits.

Maybe a pair of those low-rider blue jeans that"ll present off your cute butt, huh?

Really? Wow, thanks, Mom.

Meg in low-riders.

Enough the that.

Go away, damn you.

You"re going to obtain it now.

Oh, my God!

Horace, what is this all about?

What the hell"s the look like? I"m placing the bar up for sale.

PIease tell me this is some kind of valuable joke.

Like the sort I supplied to play when I to be an intern in ~ the hospital.

I"m fear I have some really bad news. Her wife"s gonna it is in a vegetable.

You"ll need to bathe her, feed her and also care for her the rest of her life.

Oh, mine God.

No, I"m just kidding. She"s dead.

Ever due to the fact that that mega-mall opened across the street... It"s been taking away all my business.

They obtained 300 stores, 200 restaurants...

53 bars, and an indoor livestock ranch.

i go to Baskin-Robbins every night and also buy myself a tiny treat.

Now, how in the hell am I claimed to compete with that?

You have to fix the location up.

Reinvent The CIam"s image and also we"ll aid you.

That"ll take forever.

Not if we execute a 1980s fixing-stuff-up montage.

<"80s technopop music>

Glenn: Well, i think us made the worse.

Peter: Boy, I perform not envy whoever has to clean that mess up.

Brian, why don"t you take it Stewie if Meg and also I go clothes shopping?

You know, it"s awfulIy dangerous because that me to be walking roughly the mall in ~ my height.

I say, Iet me acquire on her back.

Oh, for God"s sake.

Strong with the force, young Skywalker is.

God, i don"t believe this.

That is why friend fall.

What around this, Meg?

A pink infant tee that states "Little SIut?"

That seems pretty hip.

I don"t know if that"s yes, really me, Mom.

Well, they"ve got one that states "p0rn Star"... And also another that states "Sperm Dumpster" and also they"re all composed in glitter. Every right. Every right. Give me "Sperm Dumpster."

That"s the spirit.

You finding whatever okay?

Yes, thank you.

You just let me understand if you require any--

How carry out these jeans look?



$8 and also I"ll do it.


Help, I"ve escaped indigenous Kevin Spacey"s basement!

Help me!

I to be so outrageous. Provide me the cash.

Cold in here?

Nope, just really small.

Face it, Mom. No matter what i wear, i look ugly.

Meg, you"re being.... That"s....

Let"s shot down here.

Coming increase next, Joan Rivers speak to us from past the grave.

But first, Iet"s walk to the Quahog Mega-Mall... Where eastern correspondent Tricia Takanawa... Is handing the end makeovers.

That"s right, Tom.

Some happy hideous woman wilI it is in transformed... By our makeover magicians into someone of worth to society.

Meg, that"s it. You can get a makeover.

That"d be simply the point to boost your confidence.

Miss Takanawa ! miss out on Takanawa !

Over here!

My daughter requirements a makeover prefer there"s no freaking tomorrow.

It looks favor we"ve gained a winner, Tom.

Face it, The CIam is doomed.

Come on, guys, us can"t provide up now.

Peter, we"ve tried every theme we can think of and everything"s falled.

Especially that Coyote Ugly theme.

It"s no use, this ar is finished.

Quagmire, go get the "For Sale" sign.

Hey, Horace, what the hell"s this?

It"s a karaoke machine. I never got around to installing it.

A karaoke machine? Wait a minute, that"s it.

We"ll rotate this place right into a karaoke bar.

Oh, man, that"s the best idea since they faked the moon landing.

Director: Okay, cut.

Neil Armstrong.

Wait a minute. You"re claimed to be on the moon.

I simply saw it on TV.

There"s a...tape delay.

And solar winds....

Peter, take it a look at your daughter.

Oh, my God, Lois, I"m sorry. It was two decades ago.

I"d never also heard words "rubber"....

Peter, this is Meg.


I acquired a makeover, Dad. Don"t ns look great?

Meg, honey, I constantly thought you to be beautiful simply the method you....

God, couldn"t do that v a directly face.

Welcome come the family, sweetheart. Chris, walk burn every Meg"s old pictures.

There"s acquired to be a morning ~ We"re relocating closer come the coast I recognize we"ll be there by tomorrow and also we"ll escape the darkness us won"t be searching anymore say thanks to you very much.

I don"t understand it. This place should it is in jumping.

Well, we just need to absent it increase a notch.

Horace, hit it.

simply a tiny town girl life in a lonely civilization She take it the midnight train Going anywhere Peter, don"t do me do....

Just a city young Born and also raised in south Detroit He took the midnight train Going almost everywhere Oh, God, ns Iove this song.

And i Iove it when amateurs song the lyrics.

But I dislike baseball cards.

Some wilI success Some wilI Iose some were born to song the blues The movie never ever ends that goes on and also on Hey, that"s Journey. Kickass!


That is Journey.

Streetlight civilization Get some! obtain some!

Guys, we were freaking electric.

Yeah, they loved us. Gentlemen, this is a sign.

We room gonna begin our very own rock band.

Peter: Who"s v me?

Men: I"m in.

Looks prefer the guys are gonna kind a rock band.

Maybe they"ll learn a little something.

Stick around, girlfriend just can learn something, too.

You know, Peter, just since you men entertained a bunch of drunken idiots... In ~ a karaoke bar, doesn"t median you have what the takes to form a band.

Brian, you"re simply ants at a picnic. We"re gonna it is in awesome.

Wait. What am I?

I"m ants in ~ a picnic? Is the what you just said?

I"m ants in ~ a picnic? every right. Just making sure.

Sorry I"m late, fellas.

Cool, GIenn. Girlfriend look similar to Tommy Lee.

Well, i figured it"d be appropriate since i just discovered out I obtained hepatitis.

You know, probably we must have determined on outfits that matched.

Now us all look prefer a bunch that queers.

Fellas, the doesn"t issue what friend wear... As long as girlfriend play kickass rock and also rolI and also do this v your tongue.

Am ns right, Gene?

You acquired that right, Pete.

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Lois: Oh, my. Hi, Gene. I didn"t understand you to be here. Every right. Save it in your mouth, rock star.