1 : an open area of floor without tree or structures He gazed out across the fields. A grassy/muddy field See an ext Examplesgreen fields an open fieldHide

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2 : an area of land that has a unique use farm yard fields a field that wheat = a wheat field cotton/tobacco fields
3 : an area the work, study, etc. She hopes to find work in the health field. She is a pioneer/leader in the field of hereditary research. See much more Examplesa lawyer that is eminent in his field working in his preferred field fields that learning/interest/study a fascinating field the endeavorHide
b : the round of valuable operation outside a basic (such together a laboratory, office, or factory) geologists working in the ar
(2) : the section of an indoor or outdoor sports area fastened by the to run track and on which field occasions are performed
4 : the people that consist of all or part of the attendees in a contest The choice attracted a large field of candidates. specifically : all participants through the exception of the favorite or the winner in a dispute where much more than two are entered
6a : a an ar or room in i m sorry a given result (such together magnetism) exist a magnetic field a gravitational field
b : a an ar of embryonic tissue qualified of a particular form of differentiation (see differentiation sense 3) a morphogenetic ar
7 : a collection of mathematical facets that is topic to two binary to work the 2nd of which is distributive (see distributive feeling 3) family member to the an initial and the constitutes a commutative (see commutative feeling 2) team under the very first operation and additionally under the second if the zero or unit aspect under the very first is omitted
10 : a certain area (as of a record in a database) in which the same type of information is regularly taped
1a : to catch or pick up (something, such together a batted ball) and usually throw to a teammate practice fielding floor balls as lot as girlfriend can. Job-related on keeping the round in former of you.— Michael Goldman
b : to take care of or respond come (something, such together a telephone call or a request) She has been fielding provides from potential buyers.
\\ ˈfēld

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Synonyms: Noun

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Noun he gazed out across the fields. She really hopes to uncover work in the health field. She is a pioneer in the field of hereditary research. a lawyer who is eminent in his field working in his preferred field a fascinating field of venture Verb The shortstop fielded the floor ball. a shortstop who fields his position flawlessly critical week she fielded two provides on she house. His secretary will field inquiry for more information. The councilor fielded the reporters\" questions. They mean to field a solid team this year. the biggest fighting force that any nation has ever before fielded
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Recent instances on the Web: Noun Jerrion Ealy also powered end from the 1 and also Caden Costa kicked three field goals. — Paul Newberry, ajc, 7 Sep. 2021 In his place, Justen smith took care of field goals, kickoffs and also PATs. — Norma Gonzalez, The Salt Lake Tribune, 7 Sep. 2021 Nordin make 6-of-8 field goals and also 4-of-7 extra points over the food of August. — Oliver Thomas, Forbes, 6 Sep. 2021 Fresno State resolved for 2 field goals on drives that began after punts. — James Crepea | The Oregonian/oregonlive, oregonlive, 6 Sep. 2021 Memphis kicker Joe Doyle do all 5 of his field goals to knife conference Special groups Player the the Week. — Joseph Hoyt, Dallas News, 6 Sep. 2021 2 years ago, Araiza collection a single-season SDSU document for field goals (22). — San Diego Union-Tribune, 5 Sep. 2021 Ivers’ touchdown was the just one because that the Wildcats, who also got field goals that 31 and also 22 yards by Cooper Lucey. — Mitch Stephens, San Francisco Chronicle, 4 Sep. 2021 Brkic has actually now kicked many field goals in eight continuous games. — Ryan Aber, USA TODAY, 4 Sep. 2021 Recent instances on the Web: Verb The school determined not come field a football team critical spring. — Los Angeles Times, 6 Sep. 2021 top top the occurring kickoff, the Illini’s Kerby Joseph touch the ball but couldn’t field it. — terrycloth Towery, chicagotribune.com, 5 Sep. 2021 The incumbent mayor is not seen by anybody as vulnerable, to the allude that the republic don’t even field a candidate against him. — New York Times, 5 Aug. 2021 Kliavkoff said his league, prefer others, is considering forfeitures for groups that can’t field enough players due to the fact that of a COVID outbreak. — Brent Schrotenboer, USA TODAY, 27 July 2021 McKenzie Parker reaches on a bunt, miscommunication in between Brooke Yanez and also Rachel Cid and also neither can field it or attempt a throw, ruled an error on Cid. — James Crepea | The Oregonian/oregonlive, oregonlive, 24 might 2021 However, when augmented v connectivity provided from space, this sensors room able to report data without geographical constraints, allowing companies to field them effectively. — Parth Trivedi, Forbes, 12 might 2021 Senzel misplayed Rosario\"s grounder trying come field it top top a backhand, then skipped his throw past first baseman Mike Moustakas. — Tom Withers, Star Tribune, 7 may 2021 The Panthers entered the preseason with simply 35 football player on roster, which is about half of what the routine was able come field in year past. — J.c. Carnahan, orlandosentinel.com, 19 Aug. 2021

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First known Use of field


before the 12th century, in the an interpretation defined at feeling 1a(1)


before the 12th century, in the an interpretation defined above


1798, in the definition defined at transitive sense 1a

History and Etymology for field

Noun, Adjective, and Verb

middle English, native Old English feld; akin come Old High German feld field, Old English flōr floor — more at floor