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When a program runs top top a computer, the component of the computer system that carries out the instructions is dubbed the CPU
When a program runs top top a computer, that is stored in RAM
When a regimen is not running, the is stored on a disk.

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Flash drives, CDs, exterior disks space all examples of _____ warehouse (memory) devices. secondary
At each action of that is operation, the input come a main Processing Unit is an instruction.
A binary digit is zero or one.
A bit is a binary digit, prefer 0 or 1.
A byte in memory is determined by a distinct number called its address.
In contemporary computer systems, a byte is composed of ____ bits. 8
A compiler translates resource code into executable code
In object-oriented programming a class is a model or template from i beg your pardon objects room created.
In object-oriented programming a an approach is code that allows access to one object's features or that carries out some other activity for the object.
An operating system allocates resources favor memory to programs that space running.
What best defines a "programming language"? It allows us to express an algorithm.
The password that a programmer write is called _______ code. source
The ability of a language come let a programmer develop a regimen on computer system that have the right to be run on various other systems is referred to as portable.
To run a Java regimen from a command line, we usage the _____ command. java
Files containing Java password must finish with what "extension"? .java
The conventional name the the Java compiler is ______ javac.
Division through zero once the regimen is executing is an instance of a _______ error. run-time
The function of experimentation a regimen with different combinations the data is to reveal run-time and also ________ errors. logic
An identifier that cannot be offered as a variable surname is a ______ word.

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The rules the govern the exactly order and also usage of the aspects of a language are called the _____ that the language. syntax
Which token is no a keyword (language-determined identifier)? sum