We information everything you must know around Norwegian Cruise Line"s totally free at Sea to assist you get the many value from the promotion.


The Premium beverage package walk not include room service, ship specific promotions or beer buckets, designated at sight Premium brands, bottled alcohol or liquor, or mini bar purchases. For a list of consisted of brands, seehere.

It additionally does not incorporate Wine and also Spirit Experiences, tastings or flights, Starbucks, ice cream Bars, and also wine stations.

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Unlike most other cruise lines, this alcoholic beverage package likewise does no include any kind of premium non-alcoholic drinks. Items prefer bottled water, new squeezed juices, pick Lavazza coffee beverages, and energy drinks space not included.

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However, guests will receive a 20% discount on party of wine, Wine and Spirit Experiences, and also tastings or flights to buy onboard the ship.

The retail value of the Premium Beverage parcel is $99 every person, per day. The retail worth of the Adult Soda parcel is $7.95 per person, every day.

Free Specialty Dining

Norwegian Cruise heat is well-known for that is Freestyle technique to dining. This way no collection dinner times, table arrangements, or main dining room. Instead, the cruise line uses a range of dining options.

While there room several free options, many of the dining venues do charge second fee.


Luckily, over there is the Norwegian Cruise heat Specialty Dining package (SDP). This package entitles customers to dine at plenty of of the for-fee restaurants on any type of NCL ship for one set price.More importantly, this specialty dining parcel is typically one that Norwegian Cruise Line’s totally free at Sea perks.

The specialty dining package perk is only applicable come the very first two guest on the reservation. The variety of meals obtained is based upon the length of the cruise. Because that 3-5 day cruises, guests obtain 1 complimentary meal. Because that 6-8 job cruises, guests obtain 2 cost-free meals, a $79 per human being value. Further, 9-10 work cruises qualify because that 3 meals, 11-14 days 4 meals, and also 15+ days 5 meals.

Of note, Norwegian Cruise Line has actually recently downgraded this complimentary at Sea perk. For usual 6-8 night cruises, this promotion currently entitles cruisers to only two specialty dining meals, reduced from three meals previously.

Cruisers have the right to use Norwegian Cruise heat Specialty Dining Packages at many specialty venues. These incorporate American Diner, Cagney’s Steakhouse, Food Republic, La Cucina, Onda through Scarpetta, Le Bistro, Los Lobos, Moderno Churrascaria, s Blue, Bayamo, Pincho Tapas Bar, Q Texas Smokehouse, The raw Bar, and also Teppanyaki.


At the cruise line’s signature Cagney’s Steakhouse and Le Bistro, you can order as many starters, sides, and desserts as you want. However, you can only stimulate one entree. Friend will have to pay a la carte pricing because that any added entrees. Further, a SDP enjoy the meal in Food Republic, Pincho Tapas Bar, and also Wasabi includes 4 food selection items per person.

Room Service, Starbucks, The bake Shop, Coco’s, Dolce Gelato, Jazz Brunch, or wine Lovers and also Murder an enig lunches are not consisted of in the specialty dining package. Beverages are likewise not included.

Additionally, cruisers have the right to use a specialty dining meal credit transaction for entertainment-based restaurants for second surcharge (like Cirque Dreams). However, if you great to use a SDP meal credit, girlfriend will must wait till you room onboard the ship to book.

Of course, also if you obtain the package for free at component of a promotion, friend can always purchase secondary specialty dining package because that extra meals.

Free shore Excursions

Another typical perk of Norwegian Cruise Line’s complimentary at Sea promo is free shore excursions. If you are new to cruising, you might not understand the lingo. The hatchet “shore excursion” deserve to refer come any number of different tasks that take place at each port of call.Cruise coast excursionsoccur turn off of the ship and are completed throughout the hours you are docked in ~ the port.


Shore excursions offer cruisers the opportunity to maximize your time ashore if eliminating few of the leg work of planning (tickets, transportation, etc.) because that a DIY tour. This tours are usually designed to to mark the best attractions the the area has to offer. Further, they have likely to be modified end time based upon previous customers’ feedback to offer you the ideal experience possible.

Norwegian Cruise Line’s free at Sea complimentary shore excursions market qualifies the very first guest only on the reservation because that a credit of $50 every port. Guests can use this credit to purchase any tour available by the cruise line. If the tourism is less than $50, no refund will certainly be issued. If the tour is an ext than $50, the guest will certainly be responsible to pay the difference.


Latitude member discounts room combinable through this perk. Though, the $50 shore excursion credit does not apply to tools rentals in an excellent Stirrup Cay or Harvest Caye harbor of call.

The retail worth of this perk will certainly be based upon the variety of ports of contact scheduled for your itinerary.

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Free WiFi

Another among Norwegian Cruise Line’s free at Sea exclusive right is complimentary WiFi. Again, this perk is based upon the size of your cruise. The web package is also based top top stateroom, not each separation, personal, instance guest.

While Norwegian Cruise line does sell an countless internet package, guests will only receive a certain number of minutes with this complimentary perk. For 3-6 work cruises, guests will receive 100 minutes. Because that 7-13 job cruises, guests are entitled to 250 internet minutes and 500 minutes for 14+ work cruises.

Of note, web packages room not easily accessible on good Stirrup Cay or Harvest Caye.


It is essential to know that if cruise ship internet is acquiring faster, that will probably never it is in as reliable as her internet earlier home. Cruise ship net depends on satellite connections and also geographical location. The ship’s street offshore as well as interference native landscapes and weather can all reason variable cruise ship internet speeds.

Thus, friend should be able to use these internet minutes for simple tasks like checking email and posting on social media. However, girlfriend shouldn’t plan on utilizing these minutes for streaming purposes.

The retail worth of the 250 at any time minutes net package is $105 if purchased virtual pre-cruise or $125 onboard the ship.

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Kids Sail Free

This Norwegian Cruise Line totally free at Sea perk is exactly what it sound like. This promo is likewise sometimes referred to as Friends and also Family Sail Free. Basically, this offer is valid because that guests 3-4 share a stateroom with guests 1-2 paying full fare.

This sell is just applicable on pick sailings.

Thus, famous times of the year choose school breaks and holidays room not usually part of the promotion.

Is Norwegian Cruise Line’s complimentary at Sea great for every Itineraries?

Generally speaking, Norwegian Cruise Line’s cost-free at Sea is applicable to every sailings of 3 nights or greater. Chartered sailings and land portions of Cruisetours are the exceptions.


Hawaii sailings market a slightly modified cost-free at Sea promotion. Currently, the promotion entitles guests as much as 4 cost-free offers (no kids sail free). Additionally, the Hawaii Beverage Package choice is various than the typical complimentary Open Bar perk.

The Hawaii Beverage parcel is applicable to pride of America sailings only, for guests 1-8 on the reservation.This package consists of a selection of beverages approximately $15. It additionally includes fountain soda, fresh squeezed juice, bottled water (flat and also sparkling), non-alcoholic beer, and also specialty coffee in the dining room only. The package walk not incorporate specialty coffee outside of the restaurants, room service, mini bar purchases, or vending machines.

NCL’s Disclaimer: “The acquisition of any alcoholic drink within the Hawaii Beverage package may, in details individual circumstances, be limited in accordance v Hawaii’s Intoxicating Liquor Law and applicable neighborhood rules and regulations.”


Retail value of the Hawaii Beverage package is $99 per person, every day.

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Is the Norwegian Cruise Line’s totally free at Sea yes, really Free?

Some the Norwegian Cruise Line’s totally free at Sea perks space truly “free” while some room not.

In regards to the complimentary Open Bar, guests will still must pay gratuity top top this “free” perk. The 20% company charge because that a 7-day cruise will expense each guest $138.60 because that the Premium Beverage package. The Soda parcel gratuity is $1.59 every person, per day. This gratuity is added to the total cruise fare at the moment of booking.


While this is a great value, it is still a considerable amount come pay for a “free” perk. Thus, friend can pick to opt out of the drink parcel if offered all 5 perks, or friend could select 2 alternative perks instead. This would likewise be true because that guests who carry out not drink alcoholic beverages.

Further, if you gain specialty coffee or desire bottled water, girlfriend will have to pay extra to upgrade to the Premium to add beverage package.

Similarly, guests room responsible for paying gratuity ~ above the specialty dining package together well. This 20% service charge is $15.80per package for 6-8 day cruises. This does not include any added tips that you would prefer to administer to her waitstaff.

In regards to the totally free shore excursions, the $50 credit per stateroom will not cover much. So, you will likely need to salary extra come cover the costs of shore excursions. That course, if friend planned top top booking shore excursions anyway, this is complimentary money. Although, if you space booking them simply to use the credit, it will certainly likely expense you extra.

When taking advantage of the Friends and also Family Sail complimentary perk, you will certainly still be responsible because that paying the government Taxes, Fees, and Port prices for “sail free” guests. This fees vary based upon the itinerary but will likely expense $200+ each guest.

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One last thing come consider. Cheaper room categories frequently qualify for much less perks, but they room CHEAPER. If you space paying much more money because that a greater room category just to score the cost-free perks, friend will need to determine if it is precious it because that you.