Disaccharides are consisted of of 2 monosaccharides and are typically found in fruits and vegetables, including sugar beets and also sugar cane, and also as lactose in dairy products.

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From: The new Public health and wellness (Third Edition), 2014

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Disaccharides consist of two monosaccharide units, linked by glycosidic binding in the α or β orientation. The most crucial disaccharides are sucrose, lactose, and maltose. Sucrose is composed of a molecule the α-glucose and a molecule that β-fructose linked together (Figure 2A). Lactose is found in milk and also dairy products and also consists that a molecule the galactose connected to a glucose molecule by a β-1,4glycosidic bond (Figure 2B). Maltose is mainly developed by partial hydrolysis of starch and also consists of 2 glucose units connected through an α-1,4glycosidic bond (Figure 2C). Part nutritionally vital disaccharides and also their meaning are outlined in Table 2.


DisaccharideSucroseConstituent that fruits, vegetables, and also sweetener
LactoseConstituent that milk and also dairy products
Maltose, IsomaltoseConstituent that starch
TrehaloseFood additive, ingredient of mushrooms
LactuloseLactose derivative, laxative
Disaccharide alcoholsMaltitolConstituent of starch, sweetner
LactitolConstituent of lactose, sweetener

C. Stylianopoulos, in Encyclopedia of human Nutrition (Third Edition), 2013


Disaccharides and also oligosaccharides in mild acidic problems are hydrolyzed right into their constituent monosaccharides. The fructofuranosyl linkages that the fructooligosaccharides are fairly susceptible to acid hydrolysis.

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Polysaccharides are additionally hydrolyzed into their ingredient monosaccharides by mountain hydrolysis, yet the problems necessary for finish hydrolysis count on the solubility that the polymers. The majority of polysaccharides (e.g., starch) are totally hydrolyzed under weak mountain conditions. ~ above the contrary, cellulose calls for treatment with solid acid for numerous hours before hydrolysis, and also subsequent heating under weak acidic conditions for the completion of the reaction. The uronans are an extremely resistant to complete acid hydrolysis and generally produce disaccharides of aldobiuronic acids. Acid hydrolysis of polysaccharides results in substantial losses of your monosaccharide constituents.