In Harvest Moon, A exorbitant Life one-of-a-kind Edition over there are 4 girls to marry; Celia, Muffy, Nami and also Lumina and it’s critical part that the video game to pick among them. If girlfriend haven’t married by the finish of Year 1 then it’s video game over because that you. If girlfriend feel choose you’re under pressure, climate good, because you are. If you haven’t proposed to any of the girls by the end of the 10th day of Winter then the one who likes friend the most will asking you. If you reject whomever comes to your door then you’ll leave the valley and be sent earlier to the main menu. There is no way out of it.

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Each girl has actually a diary and this is the means you check how lock feel about you. Every girl start out with one eco-friendly heart, meaning they don’t favor you. Together you give them gifts and also talk come them then the one heart will certainly turn right into a red heart, ~ that, that will gradually go as much as a preferably of four red hearts definition they will marry you if friend ask. Come gain more hearts you must continue to provide them gifts, that won’t occur by itself, usually. Muffy and Celia might love you increase to two hearts just for your ongoing existence. They deserve to be fickle creatures though. Sometimes by proposing, climate rejecting, among the girls then it may make several of the other girls favor you more. Ns wouldn’t advocate this strategy though, you’ll just finish up making civilization hate you and it’s no an efficient way of make a girl loss in love with you. Similar to in actual life. To have a girl autumn in love v you you should talk to them and give them the gifts they like. Over there are about five or six love cutscenes fo every girl and within these cutscenes you must pick the best responses. You trigger cutscenes dependent on how much castle girl likes you, return some can be random. Girlfriend won’t actually have the ability to propose till you have actually the blue feather i m sorry you’ll be provided on the very first day the Summer.So, who room the girls, what do they like and also how do you acquire the cutscenes? The Girls:
So we have 4 girls in this game:

28 year old, glowing red hair, light blue eyes. She put on a pair that tan shorts and a blue vest top, she looks slightly boyish and stays in ~ the within Inn. She deserve to be discovered wandering everywhere the place. She wakes up at 9am and also leaves she room at approximately 9:30am. She diary is in she room on her desk. Likes: cheat blue flowers, clay statues, fossils and curry Muffy: 32 year old, long blonde hair, blue eyes. She put on a red dress and a red hairband. Muffy lives and works in the Blue Bar and can be uncovered there most days. She will leave roughly 4pm for a rapid walk to the inner Inn before going earlier around 5:30pm because that the evening shift. Muffy’s diary is in the flower setup at the earlier of the bar. Likes: Flowers, moon ores, Celia: 26 years old, lengthy brown hair, dark brown eyes. She wears a dark eco-friendly dress. Celia is a rental hand at Vesta’s farm that is likewise her aunt. Celia wakes up at 6am in the morning and can be uncovered in Vesta’s home on the soil floor whereby she spends many of the day. She diary have the right to be uncovered up the ladder in the house, beneath her bed. Likes: Flowers, eggs, vegetables Lumina: 18 years old, love husband coloured hair tied ago with a yellow hairband. Lumina wears a white top and blue trousers and also has a really slight frame. Lumina lives with she grandmother, Romana, in the large Villa at the peak of the hill. Once she’s no playing the piano she can be discovered in she bedroom upstairs, exterior in the garden or walking under the hill and at the base of the hill. She diary is at the earlier of her room, upstairs in the mansion.Likes: Flowers, golden wool, strawberry cake Nami: A travelling girl thought about to be the most intelligent the end of all of the girls, she’s a small quiet and an extremely down to earth. She’s apparently hard to impress, but not really, she just likes certain things. Nami regularly has tiny observations about the world and also the seasons, she prefers the winter. Nami is a regulation unto herself and her schedule is really unpredictable, she wanders about the location a lot and also won’t be uncovered staying at house all day.

If friend don’t marry Nami she will certainly leave the sink at the end of thing one. If girlfriend really favor her and are sad to hear this then no worries, there’s a cutscene that method she’ll come earlier and resume her location in the Valley. You’ll hardly an alert her missing. If you marry Nami she’ll come live with you at the farm and will be normally disinterested in what girlfriend do. She’ll stubbornly preserve her initial outfit, unlike every various other bride, yet will keep a balance of gift inside and outside the house. She’ll often stand in the pasture standing out with her arms hosted out, feather up in ~ the sky. Schedule:
Wakes up in ~ 9am, leaves room at 10am. She will certainly then cave out about the back of the inn before wandering the valley. She may end up visiting the bar in the evening and will walk to bed at any time she feels prefer it. This can selection from 11pm to 2am. Note: If friend speak to her consistently until she has actually nothing brand-new to say, friend will get favour. I had 1 red heart, nothing to give her, spoke to she a lot of in her room, checked her diary again and it had actually gone up to 2 hearts. Nami cutscene 1:You"ll cause this in ~ 1 red heart. Leave her house about 12pm to discover that Nami is mooching about your farm, looking at all your stuff. You’ll automatically go and talk to her and she’ll call you come get back to work. If you favor Nami and want she to prefer you back, tell she she deserve to do whatever she wants. V this brand-new freedom Nami will continue to be a small longer in ~ your farm yard to explore it further. She’ll then leaving in an excellent spirits. Nami cutscene 2: You need 2 hearts because that this one, though it can create at 1 heart. Get in the Blue Bar at between 7pm – 8pm listed Nami is in the bar and not elsewhere. Nami will ask friend what the is you want and also you have to ask she whether you can sit alongside her. She’ll let you, the following conversation choice will let girlfriend pick in between talking about her or talking around yourself. Talk around her, she’ll it is in a small defensive yet tell you part stuff. For the next option you have the choice between saying “hmmm” or nodding, you need to turn and nod and Nami will go over every shy and embarrassed before escaping indigenous the bar. You turn to leave, but it appears as though Nami has forgotten to pay she tab, as Muffy helpfully point out out, you must pay because that it i m sorry is 256g. Muffy will coo about how generosity you are and you acquire to leaving feeling choose such a nice guy, though 256g poorer. Nami cutscene 3: 3 red hearts for this one. Enter your house and earlier out again at part time in the morning, about 8am. If friend don’t gain it an initial time, keep trying. You’ll view Tim and also Ruby at her doorstop and also they’ll notify you the Nami is missing and they want your help. It seems as though Nami has actually left she rent money and left the valley. Friend haven’t viewed her either so you’ll have actually the choice of helping to look because that her. Agree to execute this. Later on on, friend still haven’t discovered her and, dejected, you’ll all go ago to the inn. Suddenly, Nami wanders in ~ above the scene questioning Ruby what’s for dinner. Everybody is ecstatic, Nami is confused, they all walk to lunch. Afterwards, Nami will certainly talk to you in private. Nami cutscene 4:4 hearts for this one! To trigger this scene enter the inn at some time in the evening once Nami is in there. If you’re struggling to acquire it, try following Nami about and monitor her into the Inn when she go in. Tim will certainly tell Nami she had a phonecall from her father, Nami isn’t ideal pleased and will questioning if she has any mail. She’ll have actually a letter which will prompt her to questioning Tim if she have the right to work in ~ the inn, he’ll agree but she’ll change her mental on the spot. Nami will then ask girlfriend if she have the right to work at the farm; agree, however she’ll adjust her mind again. Apparently this girl doesn’t know what she wants. Nami will then leave. Nami cutscene 5: This cutscene is a type of proposal event. Throughout the winter get in the inn in the evening and Tim will certainly tell friend Nami is sad. At that moment, Nami will certainly come under the stairs and also leave the inn, top top the verge the tears. You’ll monitor her and she’ll confide in you informing you the she’s run out of money and can’t continue staying v Ruby and Tim. You have the right to offer that she comes and also lives through you instead, Nami will more than the moon and will agree to live with you instead. Proposal:Even after you have actually received the last proposal event you have the right to propose to Nami officially through the blue feather to suggest marriage. You may as well, since you’re not exactly going to be roommates however rather, you’ll be parents share a bed. Act parenting things together. Suggest to Nami at 4 hearts, she might or may not understand what the feather is depending on how plenty of cutscenes you have actually done thus far, either means she’ll accept. Congrats. You won’t marry immediately, that will happen after the 10th work of Winter.

In the unique Edition version of the game you now have actually Lumina, previously a boy in the initial version that the game, easily accessible for marriage. She’s currently 18 year old however the character model is the same for the an initial year the the game. After girlfriend marry she she will look a lot much more mature therefore don’t worry too much around it. She lives with her wealthy grandmother and their butler. She starts the end sweet however very limited by she grandmother however turns fairly strict by the time you have actually a kid together. Lumina theatre a most piano, she doesn’t really desire to however she’s a really musical person and this will influence your kid later on on.

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If girlfriend marry Lumina she will wear a blue dress through a pink headband throughout Chapter 2: A Birth and will spend a the majority of time in the house, though can sometimes be found wandering about outside the farm. She will certainly don a yellow tartan dress and also orange neckscarf for any subsequent chapters. If girlfriend don"t marry Lumina she will certainly wear a kind of yellow tartan dress with and orange neckscarf. She will proceed to live at residence with her grandmother and Sebastian and also will never marry.
Schedule: Lumina will departure her bedroom in the upstairs area that the mansion at approximately 9am, walk downstairs and also play the piano until about midday, then leaving the mansion and also either invest time in the courtyard or walk under to visit the firework makers. On van days Lumina will certainly visit Vans store and will spend a lot an ext time outside around the valley. Lumina cutscene 1: To cause this cutscene you require 1 red heart. Get in the Villa as soon as Lumina is play on the piano, in between 10am and 12pm, I prompted it at virtually dead top top 10am. Top top entering the villa you’ll discover Lumina playing on the piano v Romana and also Rock watching her, you’ll join them and also watch as Romana compliment Lumina’s piano playing. Romana urges Lumina come play much more creatively prior to leaving. As Rock hovers about in the lift you’ll strategy Lumina and also she’ll confess the she’s no enjoying playing the piano as lot as she provided to, she asks friend what it way to ‘play an ext freely’. You have the right to either respond with ‘just occupational harder’ or ‘juts have much more fun’. Pick ‘just have an ext fun’ and also Rock will certainly leave as Lumina asks if she deserve to talk come you, privately. Lumina will certainly tell you about how she started playing the piano once she was an extremely young and around the press she feels come play perfectly and also how she to be constantly contrasted to her mother, who likewise played piano. Lumina ended up being overly worried around making mistakes and also disappointing Romana together she tried come live as much as her mother’s memory, Lumina realizes that Romana wouldn’t want that and wants she to enjoy it. After the chat, Lumina will certainly feel much far better and thanks you because that listening to her. Lumina cutscene 2: Triggered at 2 hearts, walk right into her room whilst she is in there alone. This can be prompted either in the morning between 8am and 9am or after ~ she has finished play the piano ~ 12pm. I prompted this at 12:45pm. Top top entering the room Lumina will certainly be thrilled to see you and also tell girlfriend she was looking v an art book given to her by Romana, she’ll ask girlfriend if you desire to talk, reply v ‘with pleasure’ and also she’ll talk about how much she likes paintings prior to telling you they give her a heat feeling, you deserve to reply with, ‘what sort of paintings are they’ or ‘are they paints of fires?’ you deserve to reply through either answer and also she’ll enter detail about the paintings. There will certainly be an additional option between asking even if it is she desires an larger sister or somebody to beat the piano with, you deserve to pick either alternative for this one also and she’ll call you the you feel favor a huge brother come her. I presume that this feeling changes when you ultimately marry the girl. In ~ the end of the step she’ll thank you for the conversation and also show you out of the mansion, pointing out she’ll go play v some arbitrarily ‘Liz’ and also ‘Tanya’ kind characters that I have the right to only assume room the cats. Lumina cutscene 3: 3 red hearts are necessary to trigger this cutscene and, oddly, it focuses on Sebastian. Enter the villa foyer after 7pm to be greeted by a surprised Sebastian. He wants to display you about a brand-new dinner he’s to be preparing and wants come hear you opinion on exactly how it tastes. As you walk to the kitchen you’ll hear Romana and Lumina talking in the following room about something that sounds suspiciously prefer you. Prior to you can hear also much, Sebastian ushers you right into the kitchen and scolds you for listening at their door. In the kitchen, you’ll it is in presented with a dish and the choice to tell Sebastian, “Delicious! Or ‘It’s… terrible!”, tell Sebastian it’s delicious and he’ll be overjoyed. He’ll define why he’s come up with the new dish and also tell you that Lumina has come to be beautiful recently and also will hint the she’s in love v somebody. He’ll reminisce about Romana and his unrequited love, lastly Sebastian will thank you and also you’ll leaving the kitchen. Lumina cutscene 4: At 4 red hearts friend can accessibility the last Lumina cutscene. Leave the mansion at some point after 7am to have actually Lumina protect against you together you leave. She’ll invite you for a walk down to the ocean, you have actually the choices to speak ‘Sure…’ or, ‘Sorry, I’m busy…’ agree come go through her. You’ll go down to the coast together and also talk, shortly she’ll asking you around the very first person you fell in love with. You deserve to choose in between ‘I haven’t fallen in love yet’ ‘I forget’ or ‘What about you?’ asking her about her an initial love by choose ‘what around you?’ and also she’ll talk about a conversation in between her and also Romana. She’ll say she feels differently around you to other people before asking friend that, if she had a big brother, would certainly she feeling the same. Reply v ‘I don’t think so’ and also Lumina will realize that she’s please in love through you. At this point,Sebastian interrupts and also Lumina will leave through a last invite for you to visit her at the mansion. Proposal: