Learning exactly how to spell words in English is an overwhelming as there room so many rules to learn, and also compound words deserve to be particularly challenging. For instance, i beg your pardon is correct: “highschool” or “high school”? Also, space there instances once we have to hyphenate as in “high-school?”

“High school” is the correct order of the noun. “Highschool” is incorrect, even when functioning as an adjective. High college is a highly familiar open compound word, thus most format guides perform not recommend using a hyphen once it attributes as a unit volume adjective in something favor a “high college game.” Still, some format guides see “high-school” as correct, simply less common.

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In this article, us will examine instances whereby you might use “high school” or even “high-school.” we will also cover link nouns in various style guides to further clarify i beg your pardon spelling you should choose.

When selecting the exactly spelling for link words, it’s an important that girlfriend consult a trustworthy dictionary. For American English, the typical is Merriam-Webster, which most format guides usage as a communication for their spelling.

High School an interpretation and Derivatives

In the unified States, a high college is a secondary school for youngsters ages 14 come 18. In the US, this corresponds to grades 10–12 and sometimes 9, falling in between elementary or primary school and postsecondary college or university (source).

Previously in the US, a high school could include grades seven and up. Now, the US device refers to qualities 7 through 9 or 10 as center school or junior high school.

In the united Kingdom and also Australia, you’ll occasionally see “high school” in the name of grammar colleges or independent secondary schools (source). The children that attend such schools are in between the ages of 11 and also 18 (source).

In Canada, the grades that a high school might cover will vary depending upon the district that it’s in.

Derivative terms include “high schooler,” a person who attends high school, and also the adjectival creates “high-school” and “high-schooler.” We’ll discuss whether friend should incorporate the hyphen in the section on “high school” together a modifier.

High school Spelling: High college as a Noun

No matter which thesaurus you consult, you will only discover “high school” and sometimes “high-school” listed. Because that example, both the Collins English Dictionary and Webster’s Online dictionary list “high school” as the exactly spelling.

As a noun, “high school” is a change noun or count noun because we deserve to use it as either countable or uncountable in particular contexts.

Countable Noun

As a countable noun, we deserve to differentiate in between a high school and multiple high schools.

What high school did girlfriend attend?Mr. Henderson teach at several high schools prior to he retired.I passed by the high college on the method to work.Many high colleges participated in the program.

A countable noun or count noun is what that sounds like — other we have the right to count. We deserve to use definite short articles like “a” or “an” to describe a details high school, or we deserve to use the indefinite short article “the” for the singular or plural form (source).

We can also use modifiers like “some” or “many” with count nouns together in “some high schools” or “many high schools.”

Uncountable Noun

“High school” have the right to also duty as an uncountable noun, depending on how we usage it in a sentence. Countable nouns room usually concrete, whereas numerous uncountable nouns are abstract. Consider the complying with example.

I i graduated from high college in 1999.

While this human being undoubtedly graduated from a particular high school, they use the ax “high school” much more generally as a phase of education and learning from which they advanced. Also note just how we didn’t usage an post such together “a” or “an” with “high school.” Generally, us don’t use posts with uncountable nouns.

As a appropriate Noun

We can also use “high school” together a appropriate noun as soon as we describe a particular high school. As soon as we usage it together a ideal noun rather of a usual noun, we capitalize it.

I attend Ramsey High School.

High institution Spelling: High college as a Modifier

Whenever you usage “high school” together a noun, you will constantly include a an are between “high” and “school,” no matter what layout guide friend follow. However, sometimes the rule for using “high school” together an adjective space a little much more lenient.

Depending on what layout guide friend follow, we can use a an are in between or the hyphenated form, “high-school.” if the hyphenated form is less common, the most important thing come remember is come spell it repetitively throughout her text.

Examples that High-School as a paragraph Adjective

We might use “high school” as an adjective as soon as referring come a high-school student or the high-school gym as a means to clarification the noun.

Sheila must run so as no to it is in late for the high-school dance.

Here, “high-school” is one adjective that defines what form of run Sheila will attend. Without the hyphen, it might be unclear whether “high” modifies “school dance” or “high school” modifies “dance.”

This room for misunderstanding is even much more apparent in the next example:John is a high school student.John is a high-school student.

There is part room for misinterpretation because that someone learning English who could be unfamiliar with high colleges as institutions. Due to the fact that “high” is likewise a slang term in English for being intoxicated, someone might potentially interpret the an initial sentence as indicating man is one intoxicated or “high” institution student.

However, in the second sentence, the hyphenated form “high-school” clarifies the the words duty as one unit editing “student” to suggest what type of student john is. Here, we can make a situation for the worth of the hyphenated compound as leaving no room for misinterpretation.

Use Hyphens with Restraint

Still, due to the fact that attending high school is an virtually universal part of life in the US, many think that the hyphen is unnecessary due to the fact that very couple of people will have trouble understanding what you mean without it.

Mr. Jones is our high school math teacher.Mr. Johnson served as the high college principal.The high college students studied for their exams.

In each instance, “high school” serves as an adjective describing the subject, even if it is it’s a teacher, a principal, or a group of students.

Also, among the most vital rules come remember around hyphenated compound words is that we just hyphenate a link adjective if that goes before the noun yet not after.

He purchased an over-the-counter sneeze syrup.

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They offered him some complimentary items over the counter.