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Decided to adjust tranny liquid in both of mine Hondas this weekend...2002 CRV 132k mile , 2008 aspect 105k miles. First thing is Honda doesnt sell Z1 liquid anymore the Honda dealer parts male told ns bought a case of Honda DW-1 tranny liquid from my regional Honda dealership because that $104 ouch ! This DW1 fluid seems thinner than the old Honda Z1 the end of the party have the right to use DW-1 in enlarge vehicles per Honda yet you cant walk the other means and use older Z1 in the newer trans ????? \"Supposedly\" Honda reformulated the tranny fluid because of the fluid making a \"film\" on internal parts - see below excerpt indigenous fluid conversation on internet \"FWIW\" ........Notes : The CRV (old Z1 liquid ) had a light silver coating all over the magnetic plug when removed - liquid was still red to light brown in color - no look also bad...I think that is been most likely 35k since I last readjusted it . It took 3.75 qts to top it ago off.The facet (New DW1) had actually absolutely no silver coating on the magnetic plug once removed. The liquid was redder to irradiate light brown in color than the CRV..definitely looked cleaner than the CRV Fluid. It took 4 qts to height it back off. Ns noticed no distinction today driving my normal path of 72 miles. Will let friend all understand in a mainly or two if purpose of use has changed or if steering impressions readjust ....note i drive 400 miles a week. Fluid discussion from net .......\"recently Honda placed out a new semi fabricated transmission fluid dubbed DW-1. The circulates much better in stop and go traffic and in cold conditions because of this being much better for the transmission. Honda no much longer makes the old fulid (atf-z1). The old liquid had troubles with make a movie on the clutches and also internal parts of the transmission and also it was bring about problems. I had actually my automobile switched over to DW-1 a small while back and from my endure my auto has shifted somewhat smoother. The key thing is her tranny will certainly be better protected under cold or hot conditions. And all you have to do to switch it over is drain out old, and also refill through new. Over there is no special time frame or procedure to perform this in, you can do three drain and refils end a couple of days (driving in between) to acquire all the fluid switched end to the new fluid. Happy Motoring =)\" The brand-new Honda ATF DW-1 will certainly be replacing the existing ATF Z-1 and is fully compatible through all Honda models. Maybe manufacturing facility fill on some if no all 2011\"s.The vital benefits for the Honda ATF DW-1 are: • short Temperature, reduced Viscosity: �� better lubrication �� decreased friction at low temperature �� enhanced fuel economy �� High Temperature, stable Viscosity: �� Maintains film thickness �� improved protection against malfunction �� complete synthetic, high film strength The latest information from Honda as of September 3rd:A brand-new ATF is now accessible for every Honda vehicles. Honda ATF DW-1 was occurred with the intentionally of improving low temperaturefuel economy. DW-1 is qualified of maintaining a reduced viscosity at lower temperatures bring about less power required to movethe vehicle during the warm-up period. High/normal temperature viscosity stays the exact same as the current ATF-Z1. APPLICATION: factory Fill - all 2011+ my Honda vehicles will certainly come v ATF-DW1. Mixing - automatically Transmissions at this time filled through ATF-Z1 deserve to be to fill or topped off through ATF-DW1. Mix the two fluids will not negatively impact performance. Storage - dealers using bulk storage systems can mix the brand-new ATF-DW1 with the old ATF-Z1 if necessary. But it is recommended that the existing stock of ATF-Z1 be depleted before refilling v ATF-DW1 as mixing the 2 does deplete the performance advantages of the DW-1. NOTE: When all of the transmission liquid is changed with ATF-DW1 top top a automobile which has previously beenoperating through ATF-Z1, together as during a infection or speak converter replacement, the customermay suffer a adjust in moving feel throughout cold-start in ~ cold temperature (below 0C). If a client is concernedor dissatisfied with this characteristic, simply drain 1L that the ATF DW-1 and fill v 1L the ATF-Z1 to gain back the original shift-feel. For this reason, girlfriend should keep a small stock the ATF-Z1 throughout winter months.Honda components stock has a new ATF available. It\"s called ATF DW-1 and it replace instead instead ATF Z1. It’s beendesigned to boost transmission performance when it’s cold, i m sorry helps with fuel economy.ATF DW-1 is the manufacturing facility fill for every ’11 Honda models. At some point it will be our just ATF, however you deserve to keepusing ATF-Z1 in all ’10 and also older models because that now. However, make sure that you execute NOT use ATF-Z1 inany ’11 and newer models.ATF DW-1 is obtainable in 1-quart bottles (P/N 08200-9008).

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