Adan Sanchez, a rising singer and the kid of slain narcocorrido music legend Marcelino "Chalino" Sanchez, has died in a auto crash in Sinaloa, Mexico. He to be 19.

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Sanchez, that Paramount, Calif., to be on a promotional pilgrimage through northwest Mexico ~ above Saturday when the car he was in blew a tire and overturned, the mexico highway patrol said.

The singer sustained severe head injuries and died instantly, claimed Julieta Olivas, owner of Funeraria san Fernando, a mortuary around 45 miles southeast of Mazatlan.

Three others were hurt in the crash--the singer"s manager, a friend and the driver.

Mr. Sanchez"s father, a singer/songwriter that had obtained notoriety for his musical tales, well-known as narcocorridos, around criminal escapades, to be slain execution-style 12 years earlier in the very same state.

The simultaneously of his kid dying in one area recognized for its medicine cartels and violence fueled speculation the the car crash had not to be an accident. However police claimed there to be no clues of foul play.

Mr. Sanchez was 8 in 1992 when his father was kidnapped and also killed after a power in Sinaloa. Yet unlike his gun-slinging father, the younger Sanchez nurtured an image as a romantic teenage idol.

"There was just this wholesome quality around him, really down-to-earth," said Marco Antonio Gonzales, a Univision Music group spokesman that worked closely with the younger Sanchez. "He was among the very couple of good function models for Latino kids. I have the right to say, from what i know, the he led rather an impeccable life. He was simply a great kid."

Within hours, news the the accident sparked tearful calls come radio stations, signals of the cultivation popularity the the artist who had made an superior debut as a mainstream headliner 10 days earlier at Hollywood"s Kodak Theatre.

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"The reaction of world continues to it is in stunning," Pepe Garza, a radio station"s regime director, said Monday. "His pan were mainly teenagers, children with a many dreams, and this has actually just left lock heartbroken."

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