Franklin Roosevelt"s ideology was much more liberal than Herbert Hoover"s. Roosevelt launched broad, well-funded commonwealth programs come revive the American economy, whereas Hoover only aimed to assistance businesses.

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Franklin Roosevelt"s approach of federal government represented a sharp break with the past. While Hoover is frequently vilified for no doing sufficient to stave turn off the results of the good Depression, he to be behaving in ~ what to be the normal knowledge of the duty of the federal federal government at that time.


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Franklin Roosevelt"s approach of federal government represented a spicy break through the past. If Hoover is often vilified for not doing enough to stave off the effects of the an excellent Depression, he to be behaving in ~ what to be the normal knowledge of the function of the federal government at that time.

Up until Roosevelt, the function of the federal government was understood (with a very few exceptions) to it is in to handle national defense and provide the regulations of the land. Society welfare programs by and huge were not part of the border of the commonwealth system. If Minnesota had a high unemployment rate and also people there to be going hungry, the was a problem for the state federal government to solve. If new York had a lot of of poor elderly human being with no money eating the end of rubbish cans, the was your problem.

FDR"s philosophy completely reenvisioned the federal government"s role. He promoted for large government program to be coordinated in Washington come systemize help and gain the help to people and businesses that they essential to survive and start over. The knew the states couldn"t carry out it, since they were broke. The knew the company sector couldn"t carry out it, because it to be broke.

This brand-new federal mechanism proved come be an ext efficient than piecemeal efforts by the states. FDR then operated to placed in a permanent safety network so the the federal federal government would constantly be there to record the economic climate when the went into totally free fall. He wanted to ensure that it would never crash so totally again. He want the median American to have what he and also other rich world had: the understanding that even if things went negative for them, castle wouldn"t starve, wouldn"t be homeless, and also wouldn"t it is in crushed and forced to beg because that the necessities that life.

Hoover, however, adhered to his "hands off" expertise of the federal government"s role in society welfare ~ the 1929 crash. He meant the service sector to bounce earlier and traction the national economic climate up through it. While that did shot to pump some federal money into propping increase the economy, his philosophical strategy was such that his attempts to be the proverbial band-aids ~ above deep wounds. He was a good man, but not a visionary, and also in the 1930s, the nation needed a visionary.

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Roosevelt came into office boldly, ready to shot almost any type of experiment to conserve the economy. He completely grasped the it was close to death and also that normal methods were no going to revive it. He grasped that the service sector to be so flattened that it can not jumpstart a recovery. The forever adjusted the way we watch the federal government"s duty in the economy.