How to Delete Account :- is an society networking app that lets its registered individuals to make, edit and short article short music on their app and also let the share v friends and family. Some of the reader of our website has comment the they desire to delete their account indigenous account. As soon as we studied about this topic than we discover out that most of the application user want to delete your account because they carry out not want their email to it is in spam by company newsletter and some are using different app, website or software to make video clip or communications.

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If your reason of deleting account is email spamming then us will recommend that you have the right to either mark the mail together spam or unsubscribe from your newsletter by clicking unsubscribe button given in ~ the bottom that the mail you received. If your reason is other 보다 i will overview you step by step an approach on just how to delete her account.


A small Bit about Company application was co-founded by Luyu Yang and also Alex Zhu and also it is just one of the social networking app that can be access worldwide. According to may 2016 report this app is accessed by 60 million user an international and net worth of the app is approximately 500 million dollars.

How come Delete Account is currently working on a attribute so the user can delete their account utilizing the application function. This brand-new feature may included in the future version of the app. Currently you deserve to submit request to delete account from your database. The actions on submitting a request are provided below.

Delete Account Through Website

On just how we have the right to Help? choose PRODUCT FEEDBACK.On choose Platform Choose between iOS or Android.On Which app do you have actually feedback on? pick MUSICAL.LY.On What function do you have feedback on? choose OTHERType your registered email-address with the website and on description form your want to delete your account and also mention your honest reason for deleting the account and also click on send button.

Delete Your Account by sending Mail

Open your email account that is registered with account.Now write a email and also enter the email address privacy
On Subject kind “REQUEST TO remove MY ACCOUNT”.

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For more information top top How To Delete Account continue to be updated come this website.