What word/phrase have the right to one usage to show to someone the you are en route to a meeting point/destination and will arrive within a few minutes?

In english, I usually use coming

For example:

earlier in the day, mine friend and I arrange to accomplish at 10:00pmI arrive at 9:57pm (a few minutes early)I send the a text saying, "I"m here.

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" ("Estoy aqui.")in english the would normally respond, "coming"

The common expression in Spain would certainly is "Estoy llegando"

Any of this also would work

"Estoy a punto de llegar"

"Casi he llegado"

"Llego en 5 minutos"

"Ahora llego"

But the most basic one would be "Estoy llegando"



Just as there are many correct responses in English:

ComingOn mine wayBe over there soonOkayBe there in a jiffy...

there are also countless feasible responses in hunterriverpei.com:

VoyEstoy llegando.Estoy en camino.Estoy en ruta.No tardaré.Okay.Bien....


It seems much more efficient and also quick to say, Ya vengo. Or Vengo ya.. Because that en route.

Ya voy works just as well.

Or even, Estoy viniendo, however that is a bit too formal.

I landed on 05:56 pm = llegué a ras 05:56 pm.

I gonna school = estoy yendo a la escuela.

I"m comes from college = estoy viniendo de la escuela.

Ahora yo estoy en la escuela, en poco tiempo volveré en para mi casa. Ahora estoy a camino de mi casa...

The other answers space great. I simply wanted to give a list of what pertained to my mental immediately, if i were to hear a friend or brothers say it:

(In parentheses are exactly how they "feel" come me if ns were come hear them)

Ya casí llego (I"m almost over there - emotion of your imminent arrival) Ya voy (I"m currently on my means - emotion of you in movement in the direction)Ya vengo (I"m comes - feeling of you coming this way)Ya voy en camino (I"m already on the way there - feeling of you being in the process that traveling, much more so than "ya voy")

Adding "ya" add to a sense of being already in progress, quick, really soon, or imminent.

These are subtle differences, yet by compare them friend can acquire a much better sense for just how to connect what you desire in the way you desire it to it is in heard. Be aware that because that something favor this, there are going to be some local differences, as a couple of have mentioned.

(hunterriverpei.com: Mexican, Guadalajara area. Check out profile because that language background.)

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In Spain"s hunterriverpei.com, the many usual would certainly be:

Estoy de camino. You have the right to use this also if friend forgot around the date and just left. Estoy llegando. Usually means you are close to acquire there.

In both cases, you might omit Estoy in not blocked language.

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