In this post I will certainly speak about once nombres (eleven names) you could think you pronouncing correctly, however maybe you have actually actually to be mispronouncing them…

Disclaimer: to make sure you fully understand the pronunciation, don"t forget to watch the video!

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1. José

Let"s start with el inside wall nombre (the very first name) and a really popular one: José

Something the is important amazing around Spanish is the you will pronounce it exactly as the sounds: HO – SÉ. In various other words, it does not have actually a JOUSE or Yose sound and make certain you use the O and also J correctly!

Many hispanic names have José as a first name and may be accompanied through a middle name, such as Francisco, Antonio, Miguel, and many others!

Exception: María José is actually a girl’s name.


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It might be confusing as it looks choose Valentine’s Day… i know!

3. Jesús

Yeah, it is no Chee-ses! we pronounce this word together HEH – SUS, and also because it has actually an accent mark, us accentuate the second syllable.

By the way: carry out you desire to surprise tu amigo Jesús? Then, speak to him Chucho following time! This is the nickname we use for every single person who parents assumed naming him Jesús was a great idea, however his girlfriend will never use the