Saying great night in Cantonese (早抖 / zou2 dau2) is as vital as saying an excellent morning (早晨 / zou2 san4). Greeting someone good morning (早晨 / zou2 san4) is a good way to start the day since it can easily lighten up someone else"s mood. Top top the various other hand, good night (早抖 / zou2 dau2) is a phrase for ending the day. After a lengthy tiring day, a simple good night will cost-free you from every the stress and problems. A simple good night can also be a means of telling someone that you took pleasure in the day and also that you think about them before you go to sleep.

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A great night can mean various things. People who regularly say an excellent night are really thoughtful and polite. In this blog, you will be going come learn just how to say great night in Cantonese. You will also learn Cantonese words and also phrases that could come in handy if you room planning to spend a fun and adventurous night in Hong Kong.

Different ways To Say great Night In Cantonese

Greetings like good morning, good afternoon, good evening, and good night are part of daily conversation. This is the factor why greetings are very important to learn. Because Hong Kong is a Chinese country, people use the Chinese language particularly Cantonese, no Mandarin. So if you are planning come visit Hong Kong and also you desire to learn how to say great night in Cantonese, examine the various ways listed below that can aid you communicate with the locals:

1. 早抖 (Zou2 Dau2)


If friend would favor to greet someone good night in Cantonese, usage 早抖 (zou2 dau2). This literally means "Good night" in English. It is provided in an informal setup where 早 way "early" in English and 抖 means "rest". This expression is supplied if you space planning to sleep soon.

2. 晚安 (Maan5 On1)


Another way of saying an excellent night in Cantonese is 晚安 (maan5 on1). In English, this method "Good evening". This expression is provided in formal setups for both speech and writing. If you desire to speak goodbye and also end the day however you space not planning come sleep whenever sooner, this is the word to use. You can put this in ~ the start or finish of the conversation.

3. 今晚好開心。(Gam1 Maan1 Hou2 Hoi1 Sam1.)


Letting human being know that you have appreciated the rest of the evening v them will certainly make their hearts skip a bit. This expression method "That was a an excellent evening." in English. Shot saying this and see how it magically place a smile on their faces.

4. 或者我哋應該hold一hold先,聽日再試。(Waak6 Ze2 Ngo5 Dei6 Jing1 Goi1 organize Jat1 organize Sin1, Ting1 Jat6 Zoi3 Si3)


You might experience working late through your colleagues or classmates yet you don"t have actually much energy to continue. You have the right to say this expression to end the evening. This means "Maybe we should sleep on this and try again tomorrow."

5. 做好夢吧 (Zou6 Hou2 Mung6 Baa1)


Wishing someone a an excellent dream is likewise a common means to say great night. This phrase means "Have a good dream" in English. That course, good dreams can carry you extra delight in the morning once you wake up up.

6. 我唔需要天堂因為我已經搵到你。我唔需要夢想因為我已經擁有你。(Ngo5 M4 Seoi1 Jiu3 Tin1 Tong4 Jan1 Wai6 Ngo5 Ji5 Ging1 Wan2 Dou2 Nei5. Ngo5 M4 Seoi1 Jiu3 Mung6 Soeng2 Jan1 Wai6 Ngo5 Ji5 Ging1 Jung2 Jau5 Nei5.)


Of course, you can likewise be romantic particularly when you space talking with your special someone. If you favor to because that a tiny extra, try using sweet words come let him/her recognize that girlfriend think that them prior to you walk to sleep. This expression way "I don’t require paradise since I found you. I don’t require dreams because I have actually you."

Most civilization will agree that greeting somebody good night is a polite and thoughtful point to say. Once we space young, us love it when parents tuck us right into bed and read bedtime stories. That is their way of saying great night Sometimes, they additionally give girlfriend an extra good night kiss to do you feeling loved and also cared for before you sleep. As adults, we also want to experience that sort of feeling. Maybe not with bedtime stories however even just through words.

Other Cantonese Words and also Phrases

Aside native saying an excellent night, shot learning part Cantonese words and also phrases associated tonight. Besides, that wouldn"t ache you come learn brand-new words the may help you in the lengthy run. If you are planning to walk to Hong Kong or if you meet a Hong Konger, that is quite to discover Cantonese words and also phrases favor the following:

CantonesePinyinEnglish Translation
傍晚pong4maan5 night
今晚gam1 maan1tonight
宵夜siu1 je5midnight snack
夜景je6 ging2night view
過夜gwo3 je5overnight
通頂tung1 deng2to pull an all-nighter
睡覺seoi6 gaau3sleep
夜瞓je6 fan3to sleep late
我好眼瞓。ngo5 hou2 ngaan5 fan3I"m sleepy.
睡覺 (written form)seoi6 gaau3go come sleep
去瞓覺。heoi3 fan3 gaau3Go to bed.
我得返五分鐘可以瞓覺。ngo5 dak1 faan1 ng5 fan1 zung1 ho2 ji3 fan3 gaau3I just have actually 5 minutes an ext to sleep.

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我凌晨左右瞓覺。ngo5 ling4 san4 zo2 jau2 fan3 gaau3.I walk to sleep approximately midnight

Saying an excellent night is also an important greeting like good morning, good afternoon, and great evening. As with how a great morning can easily make your day great, a good night can likewise make your night good that provides you a smile before going come the dreamland. So why not practice and learn all the words and also phrases above?

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