Age is just one of the most frequently asked inquiries to get to recognize someone.In this lesson, we will help you learn exactly how to ask "How old space you?" and how come tell your age in Spanish.

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How to say exactly how old space you in Spanish?

There space manyways to ask someone"s age. The many common method is to use the phraseCuántos años(How numerous years) and a kind oftener(to have). This literally translates as "How countless years do/does ___ have?". However, the closest an interpretation of this sentence in English is "How old room you."


If you want to add the subject pronoun to the question, include it after the form oftener.If you desire to questioning the age of a different person (not the human being that you"re talking to), to speak his/her surname aftertener.

For examples:

¿Cuál es tu/su edad? - What’s your age?

¿Cuántos años tienes/tiene? - exactly how old space you?

¿Qué edad tienes? - exactly how old space you?

¿Cuántos años tiene tu hermana? - exactly how old is your sister?

How to tell your period in Spanish?

In English, you ask "How old are you" if you want to know around somebody"s age and also he/she will certainly answer by speak "I"m ___ years old." However, in Spanish, friend won"t useserorestar(to be) to say your age. Instead, you have to usetener(to have) andaños (years).


Telling your period in Spanish

Let"s take it a look in ~ some instances below:

Tengo catorce años - ns am 14 years old.

Mi madre tiene cincuenta años - My mother is 50 year old.

You also need come know just how to saynumbers in Spanish 1 - 100to speak your age in Spanish.

In Spanish, friend shouldn"tomitthe indigenous años unless ithas been used previously and also the context makes clear what that means.

For example:

Tengo veinteaños, y mi hermanotienequince - ns am twenty years old, and my brothers is 15. (años has been provided previously)

The tantamount of the expression "at___ year of age" or "at the age of ___" is "a la edad de ___ años" or "a los ___ años de edad". "De edad" are oftenomitted, perhaps more often than not.

For example:

At the period of 30 she was rich and famou = A los treinta años era rica y famosa = A la edad de treinta años era rica y famosa = A los treinta años de edad era rica y famosa.

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Watch the video below come know just how to express these expressions:

If friend don"t know the interpretations of any word, you deserve to use our Spanish dictionary. Please follow our site for everyday grammar and vocabulary lessons.