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1also mashed potatoesmass noun potato that have been boiled and then crushed right into a soft mass, commonly with the enhancement of butter and milk.

‘dinner was always steak pie and also mashed potato, with soup come start and also trifle come finish’
‘The duck fat remaining in the pan can be supplied to fried food potatoes or rather of butter in mashed potatoes.’‘The stew is offered with mashed potatoes, seasoned through butter and also onions, and also lingonberry purée.’‘I like meat loaf, mashed potatoes and peas or pot roast with onions, potatoes and also carrots.’‘Add the milk mixture and also egg come the mashed potatoes and thoroughly combine.’‘I heard the clink of the spoon ~ above the dish as he moved onto the mashed potatoes.’‘Try using nonfat tart cream and also one fifty percent the butter normally used in your mashed potatoes.’‘As for mashed potatoes, always ask if they"re made with skim milk or whole milk.’‘This a practically dish when you have leftover mashed potato in the refrigerator.’‘Well I obtained the steak and also it came with an excellent mashed potato and an excellent raw spinach.’‘Dinner to be roasted chicken v gravy, mashed potatoes and also steamed vegetables.’‘Spooning some mashed potato in mine mouth, ns took a second to savor the taste.’‘This creamed sweet corn is delicious, and a an excellent alternative come mashed potato or polenta.’‘My partner made decision baked peppers and also a veal stew through mashed potatoes.’‘Spread the mashed potatoes on peak of the corn and sprinkle through the parsley.’‘For the key course, I had the unique of mussels cooked in the standard manner with white wine and also served v mashed potato.’‘The one-of-a-kind fish that the day to be smoked haddock v a crab crust, mashed potato and a mustard cream sauce.’‘She swallowed the mouthful that mashed potato with an obstacle and looked up in ~ him.’‘We"ll have lamb chops, or a steak through mashed potato.’‘The perfect hangover cure: a mountain of mashed potato topped with a pair of succulent sausages smothered in gravy.’‘If you space serving mashed potato you need to cook up about 170g potato per person.’

2A dance originating in the us in the early 1960s, defined by repeated sideways steps.

‘teenagers walk the twist, and also the mashed potato and the Watusi’
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‘Doing the hokey-pokey, the mashed potato and the boogaloo, they successfully show that energetic, sleek stage routines room not reserved for the athletic and the nubile.’‘The tune was inspired, in part, by very early 1960s run craze called the Mashed Potato.’‘They delivered snappy combine of go-go actions - the mashed potato, the jerk, and also the swimming - in Busby Berkeley-like formations.’‘With the album, the Beatles signaled the finish of the run craze era in which civilization had done the Pony, the Mashed Potato, The Swim, the Twist and also too plenty of others to mention.’‘How about getting some new dances in - prefer the polka, the hop, the charleston, the swing, the foxtrot, the mashed potato, the twist, and also others native the "30s, 40s, and 50s?’