how does Macbeth react to the witches" predictions, and what solid feelings is Banquo experiencing in Macbeth?

Macbeth responds to the witch"s predictions through fascination in Macbeth. As soon as Ross and also Angus arrive, the fascination beginning intensifying, together murderous temptation is already setup in. Banquo, on the various other hand, is illustrated as entirely revolted by and mistrusting the the witches. However, this lends extr levels of intricacy to Banquo"s characterization, offered that he actively requested the the witches speak to him together well.

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In action 1, step 3, Macbeth and also Banquo encounter the witches, that greet Macbeth through three separate titles: Thane of Glamis (his existing title), Thane the Cawdor (the title he is about to receive), and also King. They later turn their fist to Banquo, calling that "Lesser 보다 Macbeth, but...

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In plot 1, scene 3, Macbeth and Banquo conference the witches, that greet Macbeth by three separate titles: Thane that Glamis (his existing title), Thane of Cawdor (the location he is around to receive), and King. They later turn their attention to Banquo, calling him "Lesser than Macbeth, yet greater" (act 1, step 3) and also identifying him together a father of kings.

During this whole sequence, Banquo is ill at ease through the witch"s eerie presence. Even then, however, after the witches greet Macbeth (while staying silent when regarding himself), Banquo requests that they speak to him as well, to which the witches make their response.

Macbeth, meanwhile, is displayed fascinated v the witches and their prophesy: note how, after they have made that initial prophesy, Banquo himself states that Macbeth "seems rapt withal" (act 1, scene 3). However, Macbeth additionally is depicted as overwhelmed by this revelations, questioning the witches as to how he have the right to possibly become Thane that Cawdor and king, but the witches disappear without giving an answer.

With the come of Ross and also Angus, one of the witches" prophesies is confirmed, as Macbeth is called Thane of Cawdor. By this point, Macbeth seems to it is in reeling, and already he is contemplating murderous thoughts (although, in ~ this point, he seems uneasy v these turnings of his mind). Still, from the very beginning, he has taken the witches seriously, and also now that one of their predictions has come true, that becomes every the more fixated on their powers that prediction.

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Banquo, on the other hand, shows a far much more God-fearing mindset where the witches space concerned. (It is precious noting the Shakespeare lived in an era which observed far more powerful stirrings of spiritual devotionalism than modern-day western society.) Banquo does not trust the witches or their motivations, which is a sensible position to organize from the view of a culture that to trust in the visibility of witchcraft. However, to a certain degree, this revulsion possibly makes Banquo"s reaction come the witches more ambiguous than Macbeth"s. ~ all, remember the for all the witches can have disturbed him, that asked them to speak to him together well. This is a detail well precious thinking carefully upon.