Friar Lawrence is concerned since Paris does no “know the mind” of Juliet. In other words, Paris doesn’t recognize if she desires to obtain married come him.

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Paris describes that that is a an excellent thing to sirloin the marriage since a long “mourning period” and extended woe is dangerous. Paris describes that Capulet is clever to sirloin the marital relationship to prevent Juliet’s crying.
Juliet and Paris talk about love and confession of love to Friar Lawrence. Juliet actually confesses she love because that Romeo to Paris, but he continues to be unaware of her “confession.”
Juliet speak the Friar that she will kill it s her by letting the “bloody knife play the part of the umpire.

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Friar Lawrence thinks the Juliet will accept his setup because she is so willing to die quite than marry Paris. The Friar thinks that his setup that feigns death will be a great solution come the problem.
The Friar speak Juliet to walk home and also tell her parents that she is ready to marry Paris. After she speak them the news, she is to enter her bedroom and drink a vial the liquid.
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The liquid the she drinks will avoid her pulse and turn she skin cold. Juliet will appear to be dead because that 42 hours, after i m sorry she will wake up from a “pleasant sleep.”
Juliet tells she father the she to be wrong to disobey him. She asks that for she forgiveness and tells him that she will certainly do whatever he asks the her.
After hear Juliet’s willingness come marry Capulet, that decides to move the wedding. The wedding will currently be held the following day. This creates a difficulty in the timeline the Friar has developed for the toxicity and notice of Romeo
At one point in the scene she inquiries whether she is doing the appropriate thing. For just a minute she hints at questioning the nurse because that guidance through her decision. Juliet decides to go v with the setup established through her and the Friar without consulting anyone else.
As she has proclaimed in the vault scene, Juliet will use a knife and also take her very own life if the toxicity does not work.
Juliet is afraid the Friar may have actually mixed the potion incorrectly. She thinks it might be poison. Juliet additionally worries the she will certainly wake increase in the tomb before Romeo concerns save her. This issues her because she is not certain if she will have air inside the tomb leading to her to die of suffocation. She additionally comments on the rotting human body of Tybalt the is lied in the tomb.
Scene IV is a an extremely brief scene that shows all of the Capulets planning because that tomorrow’s wedding. The servingmen room preparing logs for the fire and setup tables. The cooks space working in the food that will certainly be offered to the guests.
“Her blood is settled, and also her joints space stiff” – lividity and rigor mortis“Death lies on her prefer an untimely frost upon the sweet flower” – Frost will kill plants and also flowers
Friar tells the Capulets that heaven provided them Juliet, now heaven has actually a require for her and she will suffer eternal life; therefore, we have to be happy because that her since she is relaxing in heaven.

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The Capulets are now preparing for a funeral rather of the wedding. Capulet suggests they will use the exact same food and table settings; however, they will play sad music together his “joys” space buried.
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