If you store your automobile on the street rather of in a garage, making certain you’re not parked too close to a fire hydrant will most likely be among your most regular headaches.

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Hydrant regulations vary by city, yet in new York (where i street park my car), you should be at the very least 15 feet away—which you have the right to estimate as about one car length. If the looks like there’s enough room for a vehicle to park between you and the hydrant, she probably not going to acquire a ticket. Maybe.

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But if you’d rather definitively ensure that you’re in reality parked the proper distance away—and in the process, guarantee that you have actually proof in case you get an erroneous ticket—always usage the measurement application on her phone. Collection one period to the hydrant, one period to your behind wheel or bumper, and also make certain it is at least the appropriate distance away. Take a screenshot, and also save it until you relocate your automobile out of its parking space, may be ticket-free.