There are 7 ways to gain from Georgia come Ohio through plane, bus or car

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The cheapest means to acquire from Georgia come Ohio is to journey which costs $50-$80 and takes 9h 24m.

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The quickest method to get from Georgia come Ohio is come fly and line 78 bus which prices $70-$200 and also takes 4h 1m.

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No, over there is no direct bus native Georgia to Ohio. However, over there are solutions departing native Atlanta and also arriving in ~ Columbus, five via Cincinnati, OH. The journey, including transfers, takes roughly 13h 20m.

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The distance between Georgia and also Ohio is 549 miles. The road distance is 559 miles.

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The best method to get from Georgia come Ohio there is no a car is come bus which takes 13h 20m and costs $65-$130.

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The best way to get from Georgia to Ohio is to paris which takes 4h 19m and also costs $85-$260. Alternatively, you deserve to bus, which costs $65-$130 and also takes 13h 20m.

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The quickest trip from Atlanta Airport to Covington plane is the straight flight which takes 1h 18m.

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