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View a map through driving directionsusing your preferred map provider:Google Maps,Bing Maps, orMapQuest. You have the right to use to obtain the fulldriving distance from Orlando come Tampa v directions.

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Driving distance from Orlando, FL to Tampa, FL

The full driving street from Orlando, FL come Tampa, FL is 85 miles or 137 kilometers.

Your trip starts in Orlando, Florida. It end in Tampa, Florida.

If you room planning a roadway trip,you might also want to calculation the total steering time indigenous Orlando, FL to Tampa, FLso you can see once you"ll come at her destination.

You can additionally calculate the cost the driving native Orlando, FL to Tampa, FL based upon currentlocal fuel prices and also an calculation of her car"s best gas mileage.

If you"re conference a friend, you might be interested in detect the city that is halfway in between Orlando, FL and Tampa, FL.

Planning to paris a plane instead?You could be much more interested in calculating the right linedistance to fly from Orlando, FL come Tampa, FL.

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A pilgrimage to Orlando’s theme parks should also include a day trip to historic Tampa. Tampa to be an Indian fishing town in 1521. The Spanish explorer Hernando de Soto cruised to Tampa in 1539 searching for gold.It to be Don Vicente Martinez Ybor, a Cuban cigar manufacturer the made Tampa an important cigar-producing city in 1885. There were over 200 cigar factory in Ybor City, the old component of Tampa in the 1800s. Now Ybor City, once recognized as Cigar resources of the human being is one of the three National historical Landmark districts in Florida. You deserve to still visit a few cigar machines in Ybor City.There are only two cigar factories left in Ybor City. Watch exactly how a hand-rolled cigar is do on seventh Avenue, Ybor City. This street was recognized as the “10 greatest Streets in America” in 2008.We recommend dining at Columbia Restaurant, the earliest restaurant in Florida. Try their Cuban sandwich, sangria and also watch the flamenco run at night. An additional place precious visiting is the Henry B. Plant Museum.