Flight distance from Lubbock to Houston (Lubbock call Smith global Airport – Houston George shrub Intercontinental Airport) is 458 mile / 737 kilometers / 398 nautical miles. Estimated flight time is 1 hour 21 minutes.

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Driving distance from Lubbock (LBB) come Houston (IAH) is 539 miles / 867 kilometers and also travel time by car is about 10 hrs 8 minutes.



How far is Houston indigenous Lubbock?

There are several methods to calculation distances in between Los Angeles and also Chicago. Below are two usual methods:

Vincenty"s formula (applied above)457.706 miles736.607 kilometers397.736 nautical miles

Vincenty"s formula calculates the distance between latitude/longitude point out on the earth surface, using an ellipsoidal version of the earth.

Haversine formula457.452 miles736.197 kilometers397.515 nautical miles

The haversine formula calculates the distance between latitude/longitude points assuming a spherical earth (great-circle street – the shortest distance in between two points).

Time difference and also current local times

There is no time difference between Lubbock and also Houston.

Lubbock time come Houston time converter

Time in Lubbock: 00:00⇆Time in Houston: 00:00

Carbon dioxide emissions

On average flying from Lubbock to Houston generates about 92 kg of CO2 per passenger, 92 kilograms is equal to 204 pounds (lbs). The figures are estimates and also include just the CO2 produced by burn jet fuel.

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Map of trip path and also driving direction from Lubbock to Houston

Shortest flight path between Lubbock reputation Smith global Airport (LBB) and also Houston George bush Intercontinental plane (IAH).

Airport information

OriginLubbock call Smith global Airport
City:Lubbock, TX
Country:United States
Coordinates:33°39′48″N, 101°49′22″W
DestinationHouston George shrub Intercontinental Airport
City:Houston, TX
Country:United States
Coordinates:29°59′3″N, 95°20′29″W

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