There room 863.46 miles from Dallas to Arizona City in west direction and also 1,011 miles (1,627.05 kilometers) by car, complying with the I-10 W and US-70 W and US-180 route.

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Dallas and also Arizona City are 15 hours 19 mins much apart, if you journey non-stop.

This is the fastest route from Dallas, TX come Arizona City, AZ. The halfway point is valve Horn, TX.

Please keep in mind the time difference between Dallas, TX and also Arizona City, AZ is 1 hour. The present time in Dallas is 11:37 pm and also the existing time in Arizona City is 10:37 pm.

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Gas Consumption and also Emissions

A auto with a fuel efficiency of MPG will need 40.59 gallons that gas to cover the route between Dallas, TX and Arizona City, AZ.

The estimated cost that gas to walk from Dallas come Arizona City is $138.42.

During the route, one average car will relax 795.27 pounds of CO2 to the atmosphere. The carbon footprint would certainly be 0.79 pounds that CO2 per mile.

average USA gas price used for calculation is $3.41 per gallon of continuous gas. Price critical updated ~ above December 3, 2021.

Best hotels In or near Arizona City, AZ

Do you have where to stay once you arrive to Arizona City, AZ? inspect out our hotel recommendations:

Halfway point Between Dallas, TX and also Arizona City, AZ

If you want to fulfill halfway between Dallas, TX and also Arizona City, AZ or simply make a stop in the middle of her trip, the exact coordinates that the halfway allude of this course are 31.052610 and -104.582359, or 31º 3" 9.396" N, 104º 34" 56.4924" W. This ar is 505.36 miles away from Dallas, TX and also Arizona City, AZ and it would certainly take approximately 7 hours 39 mins to with the halfway suggest from both locations.

Closest City or city to Halfway Point

The closest city to the halfway suggest is Van Horn, TX, located 514 miles native Dallas, TX and also 497 miles from Arizona City, AZ. It would certainly take 9 hrs 3 mins to walk from Dallas come Van Horn and also 8 hours 16 mins to go from Arizona City come Van Horn.

Major Cities along the Route

Some significant cities follow me the route include Midland, TX,Odessa, TX,El Paso, TX,Las Cruces, NM,Tucson, AZ,Irving, TX,Grand Prairie, TX,Arlington, TX,Fort Worth, TX, and also Abilene, TX.

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Weather in Dallas and Arizona City

Compare the weather today and the next four days in Dallas, TX and Arizona City, AZ:


Rain ~ above Monday.

FriDec 3 SatDec 4 SunDec 5 MonDec 6 TueDec 7
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2x.png 2x" alt="Clear day" title="Clear day" />
2x.png 2x" alt="Cloudy" title="Cloudy" />
2x.png 2x" alt="Rain" title="Rain" />