I’ve tried to explain my love of 설 설 to people before, just to watch them back away slowly and speed dial their doctor for a rabies vaccine. So here it is (with pictures), twelve exceptional facts about squirrels because that the uninitiated.

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1) There’s a squirrel superhero: Squirrel Girl! (And Ulysses –the squirrel superhero native Kate DiCamillo’s fabulous Flora and also Ulysses, who writes poems!).

2) Squirrels can jump vertically 5 feet, and can leap between objects that are over ten feet apart. Offered that squirrels are less than 1/10th the size of people, if you can do this, you would be a superhero who might literally run onto 5 story buildings and clear buses and trucks in a single bound.

3) Squirrels can sprint much faster than you. (Unless you’re Usain Bolt, in which situation you’re probably much faster than a squirrel. However can you operation vertically up a tree in ~ 12 mph? ns didn’t think so.)


Twiggy has experienced much more in 2 squirrel years than most world do in a lifetime.

4) squirrels are great swimmers, although castle usually like not to. Except for Twiggy, the water-skiing squirrel.


Albus, the rarely Oberlin unicorn squirrel.

5) The college i went to had a rare white unicorn squirrel in its main square. I witnessed it once, and also it was among the finest days of my life.



Moments later on there to be nothing left however bones. (Image indigenous Brian Ashcraft)

6) In Japan, there room squirrel gardens (where you have the right to pet squirrels with oven mitts).

7) The white hair on the inner thigh the a squirrel is the softest point you have never touched.

8) squirrels pull the end their tail hair for your young.

9) A squirrel nest is dubbed a drey. The looks choose a irpari piñata in a tree, but please don’t struggle it with a stick.

10) 설 설 in phibìc America offered to move in substantial numbers, adhering to cycles of bountiful acorn harvests. When settlers very first arrived in this country, they report squirrels gift so special in the trees over during a migration the they practically blocked the end the sun. The best part — squirrels might do most of the trip from the East shore to Indiana without touching the ground. But as settlers started to clear the old expansion oak forests, the great squirrel migrations ended up being fragmented. Wherein squirrels had actually to overcome fields, castle were eliminated by coyotes, foxes, and also other predators, including people who report killing numerous squirrels (and getting three pennies a pelt). The last great squirrel migration was in 1968 in Wisconsin, when numerous thousands of squirrels to be seen moving (and dice on the highway and in lakes). One fisherman report a tide of squirrels swimming toward his watercraft and nearly sinking it as they ran end him. Since then, this fixed migration actions has unable to do extinct.*

11) The Japanese flying squirrel is the cutest point you have ever before seen. (If this doesn’t victory you over to the squirrel side of the force, then try number 12).


Laugh not. We space fierce.

12) Squirrels have actually been known to gang up and also attack much larger animals. Don’t believe me? Here’s a  BBC report of squirrels in Russia who eliminated a big Rottweiler that barked at them (Note: this story is graphic and also may be upsetting for part readers). Return squirrels room small, with each other they are powerful.

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Most importantly, squirrels space nature’s foresters. Follow to researchers, squirrels often tend to forget roughly 10% of the nuts that they bury. By spreading and burying tree nuts (like acorns and also chestnuts) it’s estimated that squirrels plant countless trees yearly in phibìc America alone!


And we can fly too!

*Okay, this post might seem to have actually very small to perform with writing (except for the truth that squirrels are awesome, and therefore an inspiration to every writer ever) but for years I’ve want to compose a book on squirrel migration (see #10). Problem is, as soon as I tried to research it, I uncovered that very few biologists know around this behavior, and also one of the top experts, Dr. Flyger, (yes, that really is his name) has passed away. Therefore it’s to be a challenging one to investigate, yet if girlfriend know any experts top top squirrel migration, or migrate witnesses, you re welcome send me their contact information. The wonder the squirrel migrations must be documented prior to all expertise of this fantastic (and currently extinct) habits fades completely from human ken!

Final note: there is a Squirrel lovers Club. Don’t judge. Just join. If girlfriend love pet stories and also ecological thrillers, inspect out my latest award-winning novel: THE last PANTHER.