If you’re looking for information top top this topic, climate you’re more than likely leaving home for a few days. This was always our problem when Alexandra and I left town over the weekend or because that the whole week.

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I’m going to tell friend what we’ve discovered out,and offer you a couple of tips on exactly how to make certain your hamster has sufficient food and also water when you’re gone.


So just how much can a hamster survive without food or water ?

The quick answer would be that hamsters deserve to live about 3-4 days since they critical ate or drank water. So if girlfriend hamster simply ate and also had some water top top Monday morning, you’ll find him quiet in good condition through Wednesday night or Thursday afternoon.

Never let your hamster walk without food or water much longer than that, since they can build health problems without ideal care.

Of course, this all counts on number of factors, including: how old the hamster is, exactly how well you’ve taken treatment of him, if he’s ill or healthy, the temperature of the room he’s in, etc.

This is all great to know, yet let’s check out why your hamster have the right to only live for so long without food or water, and also what you have the right to do to make his life easier.

How long have the right to a hamster live there is no food ?

Our Teddy taught united state a lot about how to care for a hamster, and also when it involves food we’ve learned that hamsters room hoarders.

It could look like your hamster ate everything you’ve placed in his small bowl, yet when you clean his cage you’ll notice he has a nice stash in his house/hideout.

Hamsters hide food come be sure they have enough in situation of one Apocalypse. But that stash doesn’t critical them for much more than 1-2 days.

It additionally depends on what type of food you give your hamster. We provided Teddy grains and pellets, we have him pieces of vegetables, we have actually him a bit of boiled chicken, boiled egg white, bread, grapes, etc.

All those things store your hamster fed for various periods of time. Protein-based foodstuffs will keep your hamster much longer than vegetables, however grains and pellets store him fed the longest.

So if the last point your hammy ate was grains, seeds, and also pellets, then he have the right to live because that 3-4 days without in search of any an ext food. In this time he will certainly eat his whole stash native his house.

If you want to understand what her hamster deserve to eat, then inspect out my short article on what come feed her hamster. I’ll also tell girlfriend what foodstuffs to avoid, and talk around pre-made food mixes on the market.

How long have the right to a hamster live there is no water ?

The water demands for a hamster space a little bit iffy, due to the fact that they vary according come the size of her hamster. In basic it’s about 10 ml (0.33 fl oz) per 100 grams (3.5 oz) of hamster, every day.

So if her hammy is favor Teddy, a completely grown Syrian hamster that weighs around 170 gr, climate he’d need 17 ml the water every day. So that’s a 6 oz hamster who demands 0.57 liquid ounces that water per day.

If her hamster last drank water this morning, climate he’d it is in alright for only 2-3 days. This is without any type of food in ~ all, due to the fact that they can draw water from their food together well.

Dry pellets and also grains provide tiny to no water, but vegetables and fruits provide them a fair amount of water so hamsters have the right to survive for about a week there is no a water tube.

If your hamster has actually somehow escaped and also is roaming somewhere, recognize that he’s pretty great at finding and drinking condensation native pipes, or a small puddle somewhere. It’s not an excellent for him, however he can find them conveniently in a worst case scenario.

But if he’s in a close up door cage, then his survival is limited.

If you want to know how much water to give your hamster, then check out the article about water requirements. I’ll additionally tell friend what you deserve to do once you hammy isn’t drinking any type of water, and how to see if his water bottle works.

In situation you’d choose to know more about just how to care for her hamster, girlfriend can inspect out these 15 necessary steps.

How to leaving food and also water for your hamster because that a few days

If you’re leaving home and there is nobody that have the right to come over to look at after your hammy, here’s a couple of ideas.

We placed the measure up tape for reference

In basic you should leave your hamster very dry and very wet food as well, and also a full water tube. Therefore that would be grains and pellets, together with a sheet of lettuce or a item of cucumber, and a totality water tube.

The amounts vary according to just how long your hamster will be alone. If you’re leaving just for the weekend, from Friday afternoon til Sunday afternoon, that’s 48 hours.

Your hamster, assuming he is a completely grown adult, and healthy, left in a room that is not cold or humid or drafty, will endure well sufficient with just one offer of pellets and the water he currently has in his tube. He will hoard some food in his house as well, for this reason there’s extra food over there already.

If you’ll be unable to do for longer than that, her hamster will need much more food and also water.

To make sure his water is sufficient, ideal to to fill up the water pipe fully. The one we have has actually a capacity of about 150 ml/5 fl oz which would certainly last our Teddy nearly 9 days.

To make sure your hamster has enough food for 5 days, administer him with:

Dry food like grains, seeds, pellets for around 3 job – that’s around 2-3 teaspoons of dry food every dayA dried biscuit – the persons we have are 6 grams/ 0.2 oz each, which lasts our Teddy for around 3 whole days come nibble on, as long as he has pellets and also grains as well.

This depends greatly on your hamster’s disposition. If the eats a lot and is really greedy, climate this will not be enough, and you will have actually to carry out him with more before friend leave.

Some hamsters party on your food, and some just take what lock need and a bit much more to hide in their house. Therefore observe her furball, and if he’s greedy leaving him much more dry food, for this reason he’ll be alright v you leaving for 5- days.

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How go health and age element into this ?

If her hamster is quiet a ‘child’ (under 3 months) then he will not survive as lengthy as one adult. Young hamsters room weaker than adults, and also need much more food and care.

Even if they’ve reached their complete size, there room a lot of of alters happening in their bodies still, and they require the extra food and water and rest.

But what if your hamster is a an elderly ? Hamsters have the right to live for 2-3 years depending on the care they’ve had actually when they to be young so that their immune system emerged well.

So if your hamster is draw close the 2 year mark, then us will probably be slower and also weaker, and will need an ext care. Leaving that alone will be just as tricky together leaving a young hamster.

Likewise, if your hamster is healthy and also has no apparent illnesses or diseases, he will fare better if left alone because that a few days.

If the hamster is sick, we do not introduce leaving him alone, and also insisting upon finding someone that can examine up ~ above him consistently if you absolutely have to leave.

How us make sure Teddy is alright as soon as we leave

In our case, we have actually the option of leaving our house vital with a neighbor we trust, or a family member. Lock live close and can examine up ~ above Teddy regularly, and also leave the food every day.

Water is no a problem because we leaving Teddy water for a whole week.

So if you can, please ask her neighbor or family members members if they deserve to spare a few minutes each day, or every various other day, to come and check up on your hamster, and also leave that food. A fast training on just how much food to leave, and also how to close and also open the cage is enough.

Other times, as soon as we just leave city for just a couple of days us don’t ask who to look after Teddy. We’ve left him because that 48 hours with food and also water, and found him safe and also happy as soon as we came back.

We tho left a vital with ours neighbor, just in case. Yet for this us made sure Teddy has:

enough dried food for a job (2-3 teaspoons that grains and pellets),about a 4 minutes 1 of the dry biscuit we mentioned earliera complete water tubeand a couple slices of carrot or cucumber

This is all audit for the reality that he has a stash that food in his residence as well, in situation of emergencies.

When us leave Teddy because that a couple of days, even if it’s simply the weekend, us take care that the main heating is set to 22 Celsius. That’s 71.6 Fahrenheit, and also it’s an typical temperature that will certainly be alright because that Teddy.

This method we’re certain he’s not as well cold or warm, and there is no too much humidity in the air together well.

A word native Teddy

I’m happy you stuck with us so far, and I hope you’re checking this information preemptively, and your hammy is safe. You’ll always get an excellent info indigenous Dragos and Alexandra, and also I’ll be certain to phone call them everything you should know around hamsters.

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So ns hope this information on exactly how long a hamster deserve to live there is no food or water was helpful to you ! ns hope i was a good example.

Feel complimentary to check the other articles on here as well, you’ll discover info top top the best cages because that hamsters, exactly how to take care of a hamster, also what we can or deserve to not eat. Take a watch !