This breed of dog is very big with an effective muscles and also thick hair. But, in spite of this, she is a favorite of many families roughly the world, thanks to her calm and also good-natured nature.

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Chow Chow: Temperament


Like most domestic dog breeds, the Chow Chow loves to be given attention, affection, and also affection yet does no require constant daily approval. Character formation needs to be faced from an early age, and also socialization dram a far-ranging role in this. She additionally needs constant contact with various other animals.

To avoid troubles with common understanding, it is important to show from the an initial days who is the actual master and also leader.

It need to be construed that this is a breed of dog, constantly striving for dominance, so you need to suppress this feeling.

Chow Chow is a an extremely loyal pet and also lovingly treats all members of the household in i m sorry she thrived up. For the sake of her masters and their well-being, she deserve to risk her very own life. She easily contacts every pets and also rarely comes right into conflict. However if guests come to you, then she will always be in a tense state and also will be ready at any kind of time to safeguard her territory.

If you want to know exactly how long the Chow Chow lives, then you should call a specialist. Any dog ​​handler will tell you the life expectations is ten, a maximum of twelve years. In many cases, many civilization start this breed as a family friend, but it does great job of protecting the territory and also behaves well on the hunt.

Caring for a Chow Chow

Chow Chow does no require frequent grooming from the owner. That is crucial to comb lock a couple of time a mainly so the the coat does not get very tangled, and the dog has actually a beautiful appearance. You need to pay attention that you got rid of all the dead hair, otherwise, this lumps will certainly accumulate a many moisture, i m sorry will cause the illustration of assorted insects.

As it gets dirty, the dog needs to take water treatments, but not much more than as soon as a month. Because that bathing, use only proven products. Dry shampoo is perfect because that this breed and will store the dog’s coat in an excellent condition.

It is important to know that the expectancy of the Chow Chow directly depends top top its ideal care.

Twice a year, the dog will melted profusely, so you will need to look after ~ not just her however your premises. Plenty of owners believe that they help the dog in the summer when they reduced it, yet in fact, the cloak protects it from sunburn. Chow Chow accepts in gratitude your treatment for her and will reciprocate you.

This breed has an effective muscles that need to be constantly maintained with vigorous action.

Try to take her pet out for a to walk in the morning and in the evening, and also then he/she will be in great shape and also excellent mood for a lengthy time.

The dog is fairly calm, yet it is never known exactly how it will certainly react come strangers, therefore be sure to usage a leash and also a muzzle as soon as walking to stop unpleasant consequences.

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This breed does not prefer cramped space, so the is better to keep it in a country house or in one apartment with a huge area.