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Do friend mean great for eating, good for hatching, what? Duck eggs left outside, under refrigeration, or other?

Ya hear every kinds of points on the net............Easy test. Placed them in water. If lock sink, they space good. If castle float they are bad.
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I store my duck eggs much longer than a week periodically becuase we simply don"t eat as numerous as we gain in a mainly & so far Dh & I have been fine.Gave plenty far to household & friends with no troubles either.I assumed lock kept fairly a long time as with chicken eggs, what would certainly make duck eggs any kind of different ns wonder? ns don"t think ns would believe all things.
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Seemed favor a knowledgeable site. Thats why im asking.They stated duck eggs are alkaline,chicken eggs aciditic,or evil versa,so i would prefer to know what world have been doing in maintaining duck eggs around,never worried about the chicken eggs at all as they get consumed in a few weeks at most.Figured if anyone knew,this forum would.Thanks because that any and also all replies,seems to be a an excellent question as it appears to be stumping folks.

Saw this on a search...--------------------------Question: how long do duck eggs continue to be fresh?Duck eggs save for around 2 mainly if preserved cool and also for about 6 mainly refrigerated.

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I freeze our duck eggs for baking, 2 per tiny ziplock.I experienced a site that declared duck egg last much longer than that is.
6 month cleaned and refridgerated. They will stick to the membrane a bit starting right approximately 5 month old yet they are still edible at 6 months. I always crack 2 month and older eggs into an additional bowl before including them to what ns am making.My ducks stop laying in October and don"t lay again until March or April. I need to make lock last due to the fact that I am not fond that chicken eggs.
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