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Does Chegg delivery Internationally?

If you’ve tried to order indigenous Chegg in the USA or UK, then you know that they might not offer international shipping to every country. In this post, we’ll present you a simple procedure to get any type of item native Chegg or any kind of other USA/UK keep shipped to your location, in any country worldwide.

How come Buy Chegg If girlfriend Don’t Live in the USA/UK (3-Step Process)

Step 1: sign Up because that an international Shipping Forwarder

If Chegg doesn’t ship to your country, climate you need to ship her items to a US/UK parcel forwarder who’ll climate ship your package to your international location. We recommend because we’ve shipped end 1,000 packages with six different package forwarders and MyUS has actually the lowest rates, is tax-free, and is the most famous United says & united kingdom shipping forwarder through far.

Signing increase is easy, to add you’ll be able to see the exact expense of your worldwide shipments before you ship anything to MyUS. Also, if friend have any issues placing her Chegg order, MyUS’s concierge business can place the order because that you.


If you still have actually questions around how MyUS works, inspect out this short explainer video:

Step 2 (Optional): authorize Up for a Cash-Back Service

Did you understand that girlfriend can obtain an extra 2-10% in cash-back on numerous orders by utilizing a cash-back service?

Ebates is the most well-known cash-back business in the United says – plus lock gift you $10 in bonus cash after perfect your first purchase!

Step 3: purchase Chegg assets from the official Website

Once you’ve set up her USA or UK shipping deal with and clicked with a cash-back website, you’re ready to make your Chegg purchase. Simply visit the Chegg website and also place her order.

It’s the simple, so just follow this 3-step process and enjoy your Chegg online shopping spree!

What Is Chegg?

Specializing in help students excel, Chegg equips pupils having actually a selection of digital scholastic services. From beginnings as a text publication renter, Chegg has due to the fact that expanded its functionality to encompass online homework help, food reviews, and also personalized online tutoring

More about MyUS – Why Is the the ideal Option?

While over there are numerous different parcel forwarders top top the internet, they’re not as huge as MyUS. And also what’s the biggest advantage from working through the largest package forwarder? They have the best shipping rates since they’re law the highest volume.

Whether you’re looking to ship through FedEx, UPS, DHL, or any type of other worldwide shipping provider, MyUS has you covered. Top top one screen, friend can obtain real-time quotes for just how much it’ll expense to ship Chegg assets to your country.

With numerous carriers, friend won’t know specifically how lot the final shipping charges will be till you’ve bought your items and shipped them to the parcel forwarder’s warehouse. But because MyUS go weight-based pricing rather of dimension-based pricing, you’ll know specifically how much shipping will certainly cost prior to you do your acquisition from Chegg.

We’ve used and also recommended MyUS to customers for an ext than four years and also they come v our strongest possible recommendation!


What Countries go Chegg Ship To?


Using a parcel forwarder, you have the right to ship Chegg around the world to any type of country or region in the people including:

Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, south Korea, Kuwait, Malaysia, Netherlands, Norway, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, south Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, united Arab Emirates, uk (Britain / England / UK), Africa, Asia, Caribbean, main America, southern America, middle East, and also Europe.

Note that there are an individual shopper solutions that can aid you purchase from any type of store, consisting of Chegg, also if they block or don’t ship to freight forwarders.

MyUS & Chegg international Shipping FAQs

Here room 6 typically asked questions regarding shipping cost, shipping time, and also returns as soon as you want to order indigenous Chegg and use MyUS to front the package come you:

1. Chegg Shipping cost – how Much Is Chegg Shipping?

The answer is it depends on the weight of her order and where you’re shipping the to. You can use MyUS’s comfortable shipping rate calculator to calculation your Chegg shipping cost.

The great news is you don’t have to worry around hidden extra fees since you’ll just be fee for her package‘s actual weight.

And if you have multiple packages, MyUS will help you conserve up on the shipping cost by combining her parcels right into one box.

2. Chegg Shipping Time – just how Long until I gain My Product?

After your Chegg order arrives at MyUS, they’ll invest 1-2 days (excluding weekends and also holidays) processing your order. After they ship it come you, you’ll gain your item within 1-12 days depending upon the shipping method you selected.

This doesn’t count how long her Chegg order will arrive in ~ MyUS. That’ll depend on the store‘s shipping policy and delivery times. This could variety from 2 days come a pair of weeks.

3. Chegg returns – does MyUS sell Refunds or Return Services?

Yes, MyUS will help process your return if you obtained the wrong article or a broken item. In fact, they’ll even notify friend if her purchases arrive damaged at your facility, so you don’t have to wait for her order to arrive at your doorstep prior to finding out.

You can also request them come take in-depth photos of your purchases come make sure Chegg transport the correct items.

But every save is different. Most will market refunds and returns, yet sometimes you’ll have to pay for important shipping fees. Therefore make certain to examine Chegg’s return and also refund policy prior to you checkout her order.

4. How Do ns Track My international Orders indigenous Chegg?

Tracking your delivery when shopping native US/UK is very easy through MyUS. From her customer account on your website, you’ll be able to administer details of your order in the just arrive Packages tab.

And once they’ve received your delivery from Chegg, you’ll it is in able to accessibility tracking info for your distribution via the client account as well.

5. MyUS options – What to perform if Chegg Won’t delivery to your MyUS Address

There are a variety of stores that won’t delivery to parcel forwarders. If you conference this concern with Chegg, the solution is to usage a an individual shopping service or come buy her product(s) top top eBay.

1. eBay: This is a great option because virtually all sellers on eBay delivery to freight forwarders and also many also ship internationally. To filter by shipping to your country, click on any item, click “shipping and payments” which should be halfway down the page, then select your country. Now when you find on eBay, it’ll display screen international shipping prices.

2. Personal Shopping Services: These solutions will place the order for you and then delivery to your global address.,, and also all offer concierge solutions where they will buy the item because that you and also then delivery it to your address. The biggest distinction is the MyUS charges 8% of the purchase price, FishisFast dues $5 + 7% and also BigAppleBuddy dues a $50 level rate + $15 for each additional item.

6. Ns Still Can’t Order indigenous Chegg also After law the vault Steps. What carry out I Do?

There are three potential worries that you’re running into if her order is acquiring blocked or repetitively canceled:

The retailer may not enable customers to ar an order if their internet location is external of the U.S.A.

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The retailer may not expropriate your credit transaction cardThe retailer may not delivery to the shipping forwarder that you’re functioning withIf the order is repeatedly gaining canceled then this is most likely the issue.