Asparagus is complete of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. This makes it is generally used because that meals around the world. Although the asparagus season is spring, civilization use the in various other seasons as well. Knowing how to save asparagus correctly can aid you to have it at any type of time that the year and reap its nutritional benefits.

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How to keep asparagus?

Can you store asparagus top top the counter?

Not in ~ all.If you want your asparagus to remain fresh, do not keep it ~ above the counter. If you do, it will quickly come to be moldy and also slimy.

How long deserve to you keep asparagus in the fridge?

Up to 1 mainly if you keep it properly

To keep them correctly, act them choose you would reduced flowers. First, trim the stems. Then, put the vegetables upright in a jar or glass filled with water, ensuring that all the stems space submerged. Law so permits the asparagus come absorb the water from the jar or glass, keeping the trunk fresh and also frim. Finally, covering the asparagus through a plastic bag before placing the in the fridge. This will keep your asparagus fresh and also prevent it from taking in the odor of various other products.

However, the long-term storage the asparagus in the fridge results in the stems dry out.


Cooked or roasted asparagus can be stored in the fridge, however you’ll have to use it as quickly as possible. This is because the vegetable will become softer the much longer it’s stored. While in the refrigerator, the cook asparagus have to be sheathe in aluminum silver paper or a plastic bag.

How to keep asparagus in the freezer

If you desire to keep this vegetable until winter, after choose it in the spring, climate freezing it is the finest way.

For permanent storage in the freezer, select asparagus v thick stems through no brown colour on them. The brown coloring means that they’re beginning to walk bad, and also thick stems stay sturdier after freezing.

Be certain to cook the trimmed asparagus for a few seconds before chilling it easily in ice cream water. This provides it simpler to speed freeze the vegetable. Next, place the asparagus ~ above a baking tray prior to placing the in the freezer. As soon as the asparagus is totally frozen, pop it into a freezer bag through the air thrust out or a plastic freezer container.If you chef asparagus because that a meal just to discover out you have actually leftovers, the freezer is an ideal choice for long-term storage, together asparagus will keep its firmness because that longer. Because that storing it cooked in the freezer, it have to be extended up in one airtight container or inserted in a freezer bag.

How long does asparagus last?

In the refrigeratorIn the freezer
Fresh asparagus expires in…1 week1 year
Cooke asparagus expires in…3-5 days10-12 months

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How come tell if asparagus has actually gone bad?

Look. The vegetable stems are frequently green. But once spoiled, they end up being brownish. They likewise lose their freshness once they space no longer firm and straight. So, bendy asparagus have to go in the bin.

Also, if the vegetable has actually a visible mold ~ above it, it needs to it is in disposed of as it’s unsafe come eat.

Touch. examine if the vegetable is mushy. For this, host the stems between your fingers and press them lightly. If lock squash easily, just eliminate them.

Smell. Asparagus will certainly release a poisonous smell as soon as gone off. So, much better to toss it far if it smells less than pleasant.

Other advantageous Tips

Should you to wash asparagus?

Yes, girlfriend should.

This is come remove any kind of dirt left ~ above it. ~ rinsing the asparagus stems, dry it out prior to using.

Can asparagus help fight cancer?


Some nutrient such as folate, vitamin C, and also other cancer-fighting antioxidants, are typical in asparagus. So, eating it might offer extr cancer protection.

Is raw Asparagus better Than cooking Asparagus?

Whilst most other vegetables are healthier because that you raw, asparagus is an ext healthy for you as soon as cooked!

Although the is rather safe to eat raw, when cooked, asparagus contains more antioxidants. Eat cooked asparagus can assist prevent part disorders such as high blood pressure and cognitive decline.

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This is since the cooking process frees this chemicals native the tree cell walls as the warmth breaks castle down. Otherwise, they would stay trapped inside these cells and also unable come be absorbed into the body.