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Unit Lesson Activity


an introduction

In a course demonstration, the teacher places various pill species ("chalk" pill, gelatin pill, and also gel tablet) right into separate glass beakers that vinegar, representing human stomach acid. After ~ 20-30 minutes, the pills dissolve. Students watch which dissolve the fastest, and also discuss the remnants the the miscellaneous pills. What they learn contributes to their continuous objective to answer the difficulty question presented in class 1 that this unit.

In the acidic human being stomach, do different pill species dissolve quicker than others?

Engineering link

Biomedical designers use experiments to find how assorted chemical substances react in the human body, because that example, the absorb of medication and also how the body breaks under the outer coatings that pills and also capsules. Come test new medicines, researchers use solutions with chemistry compositions similar to the environments discovered in the human body to model assorted body reactions. Engineers additionally create every sorts the devices and also tools supplied in experiments, and an imaginative medicine distribution materials and also equipment, including syringes and also patches, and even the factories for making different varieties of pills and bottling liquids.

finding out Objectives

After this activity, students should be able to:

Describe what wake up to a pill in the person stomach.Explain i m sorry pill type is took in the fastest.

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products List

For the class demonstration:

3 little glass beakers~ 2 cup vinegar3 species of pills: chalk, gelatin capsule, gel tablet

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Students reinforce their knowledge of the various parts that the cradle system and explore the principle of simulation by emerging a pill coating that deserve to withstand the churning actions and also acidic environment discovered in the stomach. Teams test the coating trust by utilizing a clear soda come simulat...

protect That Pill


We have actually been request to recognize which form of medication works the fastest.

So many TV and magazine advertisements claim that their drugs offer the quickest relief.

So we room going to do our own experiment to watch three different pill develops to investigate even if it is the ads are truthful in their insurance claims of offering quick relief, and to determine which type breaks down the faster in the body.

How go medicine obtain into the bloodstream? The person stomach is filled through an acidic equipment that breaks down all the food and also liquid that we ingest.

How long do you think that takes because that a pill come dissolve in the stomach? To produce a comparable environment, us will usage vinegar.

Watch the pills carefully. You may be surprised at what happens!



Gather products on a table that is visible to anyone in the class.Fill every beaker with roughly one-quarter cup vinegar (or till beakers are fifty percent full).Introduce the demo come students making use of the details in the Introduction/Motivation section.Place one pill in each beaker. Note the start time ~ above the clock.After numerous minutes, pick up the beakers and observe any change in shade of the vinegar. Also, look for any type of changes in the pills.Consider a pill totally dissolved as soon as the vinegar is clean (this does not include any kind of remaining outer coverings).Lead a course discussion. Ask student the investigating Questions.At this point, student should have the ability to determine what form of medication to take (the shot) because that speed. Because that homework, as defined in assessment section, entrust students come write 3 suggestions of just how to make the medication work much more quickly.


antibiotic: A chemical substance provided to treat infections by ruining or inhibiting the growth of bacteria and other microorganisms.

bacteria: Single-celled microbe that have the right to exist either as independent biology or as parasites. Singular = bacterium; plural = bacteria.


Post-Activity Assessment

Short answer Homework: Assign students to individually answer the complying with questions with short answers. Testimonial their answers come gauge their comprehension of the subject. Phone call the students: earlier (in the connected lesson), you perceived a short animated video on medication being injected into the blood stream. We then disputed how long it takes because that the medicine in injections, and also in pills and liquids, to generally take effect. Now, you have actually just it was observed an experiment to compare how quickly various species of pills dissolve in acidic environments. V this information, girlfriend are now able to answer the very first part that the challenge question.

Which pill type works the fastest? Why? (Answer: fastest is chalk, then gel capsule, then gel tablet. This is because it takes much longer for the gel coating come dissolve enough for the capsule/tablet to release the inner medicine.)Which type of medication (pill, liquid or injection/shot) functions the fastest? Why? (Answer: The more quickly is medication injected with a syringe < a shot>.)Describe three suggestions of what you could do to gain medicine come work more quickly. Carry out explanations that why friend think they might work. (Answers will vary. Feasible answers: 1) move about because boosting your love rate rises blood flow, 2) eat something because this starts the cradle system, 3) continue to be warm because this opens the veins more. Every one of these actions aid your human body in absorbing the medicine an ext quickly, especially pill/liquid forms.)

Investigating concerns

How go medicine acquire into the bloodstream? (Answer: common ways are pills, liquids and shots. Medications that with the stomach are damaged down for this reason they can go into the bloodstream.)

How lengthy does the take for a pill come dissolve in the stomach? (Answer: ranges from 15-30 minutes.)

What does this imply about those in fluid form? (Answer: Liquid develops go through the same procedure as pills when they with the stomach.)

What happens when you get a shot? (Answer: The medicine bypasses the digestive process and goes straight into a person"s bloodstream.)

activity Scaling

For much more advanced students, have actually them execute their very own experiments rather of the course demonstration. See the safeguard That Pill activity in which students build pill coatings that deserve to withstand the churning actions and also acidic environment found in the stomach. Groups test coating trust by utilizing clear soda come simulate stomach acid.

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