Wondering what the various stages of locs (also recognized as dreadlocks) are? If you’ve began your locs journey, we understand it can be reassuring to understand you’re ~ above track and if you’re tho thinking about loc’ing your hair, it deserve to be beneficial to know what to expect along the way. 

The locs procedure is one that takes patience and also maintenance together it takes time to walk from the baby stage to the adult stage (approximately 21 month plus in total), yet don’t let this placed you off. Locs are beautiful and also worthwhile! 

Still love locs? Then store scrolling to discover the 5 various stages the locs, the expression of each stage and also what to expect in every phrase. 

1. Starter Stage/ baby Stage


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In the locs process, the Starter stage (also well-known as the baby Stage) lasts around for 3 to six months. However how long this stage lasts counts on a couple things, such together your hair type and how quick your hair grows. 

Typically, this stage likewise can be quite trying together many civilization find that as they to wash their hair, your locs can end up being unravelled or watch ‘fluffy’. However it’s crucial to remember the this phase is simply a stage and also once her locs mature points will be contempt easier. 

When ‘installing’ or starting your locs, bear in psychic what kind of locs you desire (freeform, braided, twisted, comb coiled, palm rolled and also interlocked) and also their size, and also take into account your hair form and if you want to have a parting pattern. 

Often it’s under to personal preference, however remember that if friend create big locs the your separation, personal, instance locs will be quite weighty as soon as they gain longer and also likewise, if you make her locs very tiny you’ll must make certain you save an eye on your moisture levels as locs can quickly break as soon as they room thin and dry. 

2. Budding Stage/ Sprouting Stage


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The Budding stage (also recognized as the Sprouting Stage), occurs roughly six to twelve months into your locs journey. This is as soon as you’ll begin to notification that your hair no unravelling once you to wash it and an alert your brand-new growth, which will look a little bit fuzzy and also fluffy. 

It’s during this phase that you’ll desire to combine retwisting right into your routine. This will assist you store your initial partings and assist maintain the style of your locs. Again, how you carry out this is down to personal preference, many civilization retwist, palm role or interlock their own ‘roots’ at home, if others like to get their brand-new growth controlled by locticians. 

NB: developing a regimen is really important. And also we understand it will be tempting to want to retwist your brand-new growth as shortly as you an alert it comes through, however be careful that you don’t over do it together over manipulation deserve to lead come thinning and breakage. 

3. Teen Stage


The Teenage stage (also well-known as the ‘Ugly’ Stage) the locs is normally 12-18 months into your journey.

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Wonder why this stage is named so? It’s due to the fact that much like teenagers, this is as soon as your locs can end up being a little rebellious and can be viewed as awkward as result of its in-between length.

But in our opinion, us think the this loc stage is the most exciting. This is as soon as you deserve to see her locs really acquisition form, develop and you can start to visualise her locs potential!