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Ever thought about crossing the totality of great Britain? No, neither have actually most people.

But for those of you who have, we’ve carried you all the information you need.

We’ve covered information around driving, cycling, hiking, and also train travel, together with lots the weird and wacky facts on the most renowned driving route across great Britain: Land’s end to john o’ Groats.

If you’re looking come traverse an excellent Britain (no matter how, where and why you desire to carry out it), we’ve got your back.

Table the Contents

What’s the Most famous Route Across an excellent Britain?

That’s the route from Land’s finish (in England) to man o’Groats (in Scotland), which runs from the most southwestern point of great Britain come the most northeastern point of good Britain.


Those who tackle this route perform so in plenty of different ways.

The majority of civilization drive it, yet it’s most renowned as a cycle route. Part insane individuals also walk the entire distance, yet that’s one arduous adventure reserved just for the stupidest civilization on the planet.

Because it’s by far the most famed cross-country long-distance route which traverses Britain, it is the path we’ve spanned in most depth throughout this article.

What’s the Distance in between Land’s End and also John O’Groats?

From allude to point, together the raven flies, the distance between Land’s End and also John o’Groats is 603 miles (970km). But depending on whether human being walk, bike or drive, really travel ranges vary hugely. They also vary follow to the route world decide to take, as there room (unsurprisingly) endless alternatives for enjoy it the adventure.

How long Does It take to Drive Across an excellent Britain?

It takes roughly 15 or 16 hours to drive the 837 mile (1347 km) across an excellent Britain from Land’s finish to john o’Groats.

But in practice, the of course no that simple.

No-one wants to journey for 16 hrs without stopping. And also no journey is ever cost-free of traffic or any type of other pesky disruptions. And some drivers could want to ride on details roads for particular views.

The quickest driving routes from Land’s end to john o’Groats mostly take ar along motorways and also other large roads, so the cd driver aren’t an especially pleasant and also the see aren’t an especially good. Most drivers therefore opt for longer routes in order come enjoy much better views and also vistas.

The path from Land’s end to john o’Groats is hugely famous among car enthusiasts and motorcycling speed freaks, with numerous drivers embarking on the trip every solitary year.

Some perform it for the significant Scottish Highlands. Part for the historical cities you happen through. Others because that the national Parks. However everyone walk it because that the challenge.

If you desire to journey across an excellent Britain top top an incredible adventure, the course from Land’s end to man o’Groats is certain your best option.

John O’Groats sign at the last destination allude – by deemac1/GettyImages

How lengthy Does It require to Cycle Across great Britain?

If you travel from Land’s finish to john o’Groats by bike, that typically around 1000 miles or so, depending on which course you decision to take.

Lots of cyclists tackle the route over the course of numerous years, intermittently attacking components of the challenge over several tiny periods the a short couple of days.

But many others attempt the expedition in one strenuous session, v the majority of them perfect the entire route in about 10 to 14 days. Others might stretch the trip out to a month or even longer, if they’re treating the journey together a vacation quite than specifically as a challenge.

The record for cycling native Land’s end to john o’Groats ~ above a typical bicycle stands at 43 hours and 25 minutes. Various other insane record-breakers have attempted the path on tricycles, unicycles, hire bikes, penny-farthings, tandems and more.

Cyclists top top the starting point – through Geraint Rowland (CC BY-NC 2.0)

How lengthy Does It require to Walk Across good Britain?

If you walk indigenous Land’s end to john o’Groats, it’ll more than likely take you around 2 to 3 months, but this can vary hugely depending upon which route you decision to take and how much walking you’re prepared to perform every day.

Again, some human being walk from Land’s finish to man o’Groats in one prolonged session, while others split the route right into smaller chunks and also complete it end a duration of plenty of years.

The very first officially-recorded to walk took place in 1871, but it’s been done plenty of times since.

Some world even operation the route, and also the current record currently stands at much less than 10 days.

There space two videotaped records for to run from Land’s end to john o’Groats: one at 9 days and 2 hours and also one at 9 days and 21 hours, however some people dispute the authenticity that the former. The official record because of this varies depending upon who girlfriend ask.

But ns don’t recommend to run it unless you’re an absolute lunatic.

Man draw close Whiteless Pike in great Britain – by Robert J pagan (CC through 2.0)

How lengthy Does It take to Travel Across great Britain by Train?

If you take trip from Land’s end to man o’Groats by train, the would most likely take approximately two or three days to permit time because that connections, sleeping and also not enduring an pure slog of continuous public transport.

If you arrangement to take trip from Land’s finish to john o’Groats by train, this is what your journey will most likely look like:

Land’s finish to Penzance: yes no train accessible for this journey (since yes sir no train station in Land’s End), but you can finish this section of the route by bus, taxi or hitchhiking. This stretch that the trip is only about 10 miles (16km).Penzance come London: this train operation regularly.London to Inverness: this train likewise runs regularly, yet it’s a prolonged journey, for this reason some alternatives are overnight.Inverness come Wick: an additional train!Wick to john o’Groats: just like in Land’s End, there’s no train station in john o’Groats, therefore you have to undertake this part of the trip by bus, taxi or hitchhiking. But as with the stretch indigenous Land’s finish to Penzance, the pretty short, clocking in at approximately 16 miles (26km).

Other civilization travel the whole of the route simply by utilizing buses and also coaches, however that bring away much more time than riding trains.

Famous follow riding native London Paddington come Penzance – by RedruthJH image (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

Fun Facts around Land’s finish to man O’Groats

Lots that mad people have undertaken the Land’s end to john o’Groats adventure in bizarre ways, setting crazy documents in the process. Below are some of my favorites:

In 2018, Ross Edgeley swam the course in 62 days. His distance (since you can’t swim over land), clocked in at roughly 900 mile (1448km).The existing skateboard record was accomplished in 21 work by a trio of friend (Matt Elver, Charlie Mason and also Lee Renshaw) who were raising money for charity.If you live in the UK and also you’re end 60, you get a totally free bus pass, which entitles you to totally free local take trip on regional buses (but not long-distance coaches). In 2008, brothers Richard Elloway perfect the journey on this buses (and therefore completely for free!) in just over 2 weeks.In 1882, the entire route to be completed through Alfred Nixon top top a tricycle end a period of 2 weeks.In 2009, roger Davies and Sam Wakeling completed the course together ~ above unicycles. It take it them 6 days and 8 hours.In 1886, George Pilkington Mills set the ridiculous record of cycling the path on a penny-farthing, completing the route in 5 days. 133 year later, Richard Thoray damaged that record by doing that in 4 days and 11 hours.Some world complete the path on horseback. The first of lock was john Richard Penistan, who took 56 work to carry out so.The oldest human being to finish the trip by foot is Reg Savill, that completed the trip at the age of 74. The youngest is Amelia Sampson, that was 22 months. She rode in a trailer towed by she parents, who were talk a tandem.

Charities that Tackle the Land’s end to john O’Groats Journey

The pilgrimage from Land’s finish to john o’Groats is hugely renowned with charities, that offer numerous walking and cycling obstacles for increasing money. Few of the many famous incorporate Water Aid, Unicef and also several cancer charities.

If you want a enormous physical challenge which help you to raise huge sums of money for civilization who require it, it’s an excellent idea!

Okay, Enough about Land’s end to man O’Groats – are There any Other famed Road Trips in Britain?

There are many!

Some of the most renowned are:

Heart 200: another circular Scottish route, this one clocks in at roughly 200 miles (320km). The takes travelers v the centre of Scotland, and past numerous of that most well known natural sights.The seaside Way: this Welsh course is a 180-mile (290km) trip which runs north come south throughout the totality of the country’s west coast. It takes drivers in between towering mountains and also shimmering blue seas. The Cambrian way is another an excellent option because that a Welsh road trip.The Atlantic Highway: this one starts close to Land’s End, and runs for roughly 70 miles (113km). It takes in the incredible scenery that the southwestern tip of England, special charming towns and beautiful golden coasts.

These roadway trips space all a small different come the route from Land’s finish to man o’Groats, as that course is designed exclusively for people who want to traverse great Britain, not just travel in ~ it.

If you desire to cross from one side of britain to another by car, Land’s end to man o’Groats is for sure the best trip because that you. While all of the above are excellent, they don’t take you across the totality of great Britain.

North coastline 500: Road trip in Scotland – by patrykstanisz/Getty

I’ve made decision I Don’t desire to Drive any kind of More! room There any kind of Cross-country paths I deserve to Do in great Britain without a Car?

There are plenty of famous cross-country paths in England, Scotland and also Wales, several of which are minimal to one country, and also some of i beg your pardon incorporate an ext than one country.

Some the the most famous are:

England coastal Path: this course isn’t even totally completed yet! but when that is, it’ll take it walkers about the whole perimeter the the English coast, in ~ a hefty distance of approximately 2,795 mile (4,500km).Southern Upland Way: the very first (and only official) coastline to coast walking path through Scotland, this trek takes hikers in between Scotland’s east and west coasts. It clocks in at 212 miles (341 km).Offa’s Dyke: this path edges along the border between England and also Wales, and takes walkers in between the southern and also northern coastlines of the latter. It procedures in in ~ 177 mile (285km).

If you desire to cross good Britain without the usage of a car (or a bicycle), this hikes room the finest options.

In Short…

… that’s exactly how long the takes to make your method across great Britain!

Most civilization drive it, but there are countless methods – and endless routes – for tackling the traverse. If steering is her plan, the path from Land’s finish to man o’Groats is certain the finest option because that crossing good Britain.

You can likewise check the end my guide on just how long that would require to travel throughout England if the whole great Britain is a little too lengthy for you.

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If you’re interested in any kind of other information about an excellent Britain, we’ve covered it all on our site. We have articles around currencies, cities, locations to stay and also other renowned road trips, together with guides to weird accents, things you must never say and also some the the most unique and also unusual points you have the right to do.