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Found in the suspension of practically all modern cars, ball joints are vital part the the suspension system. They are one of the key suspension pivot point out that attach the manage arms the the auto to the steering knuckles or spindles. The front sphere joints also enable the front wheels and also suspension come move back and forth, and also up and down, together the steering wheel is turned during driving and also as the vehicle moves end uneven road surfaces.

Modern sphere joints no serviceable, and also many last the expectancy of your car. However, as ball joints play a critical role in her suspension system, it’s important to acknowledge the signs that something could be wrong through them, and how to examine to do sure. And, if friend do an alert a problem with one sphere joint, it’s encourage to replace the damaged sphere joint and also its pair. This is because when one ball joint starts to fail, the other side is most likely to monitor soon.

What’s a sphere joint? A fast refresher

Before us go any further, let’s take it a fast look in ~ what a round joint is.

A sphere joint is typically a ball-in socket design, lubricated with grease and covered with a dust boot. Contemporary ball joints space sealed, while this stays clear of dirt, grit and also other impurities native damaging the joint, it additionally prevents maintenance. This method that if you have actually a problem with your round joint, the whole assembly will certainly usually need to be replaced.

Depending on the kind of suspension, most cars have actually both upper and also lower round joints. The lower ball joints are usually larger and also wear the end faster due to the load of the front of vehicle that rests ~ above them.

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There are a variety of signs the let you recognize that your round joints might be starting to undertake out. 


These include:

Clunky or squeaky noisesDrifting to the sideLoose or shaky steering

How deserve to you check for worn sphere joints?

It’s feasible that the symptoms of worn ball joints build slowly, so girlfriend don’t notification for a while. But, if you have actually noticed any of the symptom above, or would just like to twin check your round joints, it’s finest to very first check your round joints as soon as driving before doing a visual inspection.

How to check your ball joints when driving

Checking your round joints as soon as driving is straightforward, simply:

1. Take it your car out because that a drive

Drive the vehicle on a public roadway at the rate limit and pay close attention to the engine, steering and overall performance of the car.

What come look out for

Vibrations – once a sphere joint put on out, it becomes loosened which can develop a vibration the you deserve to feel with the floor or the steering wheel while you drive.

Steering wheel hike to the left or the right – worn sphere joints cause the steering to pull from left to best on the own. This can likewise cause uneven undertake on your tyres.

2. Drive over rate bumps

After driving in ~ the speed limit, take it what with speed bumps and also drive it at a low speed. Stop and also go a few times, and turn a few times.

What come look the end for

Noise – this have the right to be a clunking or squeaking noise. Clunking noises are led to by the worn sphere joints rattling as the suspension travels up and down end the road. The squeaking noise is led to by the rubber boot the protects the grease within the ball joint is damaged, the sphere joint will start to squeak. This noises will obtain louder the more worn the sphere joints become.

3. Revolve the steering wheel

The last action is to park the car and also turn the wheels ago and soon a couple of times, when listening for noise native the ball joints.

How to check ball joints visually

After checking your sphere joints when driving, that time for a visual and also physical inspection. Before you start, make sure you have the adhering to tools ready:

JackJack standsFlashlightPry barLug nut wrenchWooden block or wheel chocks

A visual and also physical inspection has the complying with steps:

1. Examine your tyre wear

Loose sphere joints can’t save your suspension aligned while girlfriend drive. This increases tyre stay by resulting in the rubber tread to touch the soil in one inconsistent way. If you an alert feathering (i.e. Uneven spots of wear on a tyre) or the the prior of the wheels points the end (i.e. Toe-out), there’s a great chance the your sphere joints will need further investigation. However, if the tire wear is same on both sides, climate the issue is more than likely not your ball joints, however due to under-inflation that the tyres.

2. Loosen the lug nuts

Loosen the lug nuts for this reason they room hand-tight. This will allow you to move the wheel around on the axis, there is no removing the completely.

3. Jack up the car and place wheel chocks behind the wheels

Jack the prior of the vehicle up and secure it on jack stands. Put wheel chocks or wooden blocks behind the ago wheels to avoid the automobile from rolling. This will make it simpler to check the ball joints.

4. Rock the tire on that axis

Grasp the top and bottom the the tyre and rock it in and also out follow me the wheel’s vehicle axis. If the ball joints room working well, there must be little to no play in this movement.

What come look out for

Noise and play indigenous the top – this shows a trouble with the upper sphere joint.

Noise and play from the bottom – this argues a problem with the lower ball joint.

5. Eliminate the wheel

Remove the wheel and also use a flashlight to visually check the upper and lower round joints.

What to look out for

Can friend see any kind of signs the rust, damage to the dust boot, grease leakage or any other potential problem? If so, it’s probably time to change your ball joint.

6. Pry the ball joint apart

Use the pry bar and also attempt to pry the lower control arm and also the steering knuckle (the two components connected by the round joint).

What to look out for

Excessive quantities of play and movement or clicking sounds space a authorize that your sphere joints are too loose.

7. Placed the wheel earlier on

After you have actually finished visually inspecting and also testing the sphere joint, replace the wheel, reduced the car and also torque the lug nuts.

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8. Repeat with the other wheels

After you have actually finished the first wheel, you need to inspect the various other three, by complying with steps 2-7.