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If friend don"t have actually room for a standard rectangular pool, or your major reason for an in-ground swimming pool is come swim, a lap pool can be because that you.

There are typically two species of human being who install lap pools — significant swimmers, or those with narrow or shallow backyards. Whichever category you autumn into, it’s finest to discover as much as friend can around lap swimming pool basics before you decision to jump in.

What is a Lap Pool?

A lap pool is long, narrow and also rectangular, usually installed in-ground, return they have the right to be constructed above-ground as well. As the surname suggests, a lap swimming pool is designed for swimming laps, therefore they have to be long.

Lap pools are typically about 40 feet long, however they can reach up to 75 feet. Your width varieties from 6 to 10 ft. Professionals recommend a minimum depth the 3-1/2 feet so swimmers don’t scrape their hands or feet ~ above the bottom. If you carry out flip turns at the finish of each lap prefer the Olympic swimmers, you need a swimming pool that’s in ~ least four feet deep.

While lap pools can absolutely be offered for recreation and family playtime, they lack the attributes of traditional in-ground pools. There’s no shallow end or wide set of measures for kids to splash around. To maximize the swim space, there might only be narrow ladders to get in and out.

Types that Lap Pools

Unlike classic pools or even plunge pools, there’s not much architecture flexibility through a lap pool. It’s a long, narrow rectangle, v width and also length the only variables. Most contractors recommend just narrow interior steps, or better yet offset entry actions that perform not impede the swimming area.

As with the different species of in-ground pools, a lap pool deserve to be constructed in concrete, vinyl or acrylic sheet. (One caveat through the latter: due to the fact that these room prefabricated and must be ceded on a truck, they typically can’t be much longer than about 40 feet.)

Other decisions for her lap pool encompass whether come go through a saltwater or chlorine pool, and whether to invest extra to warm the pool. Friend might also consider an attached hot tub.

Lastly, if your backyard is too little for a long lap pool, girlfriend can take into consideration a much smaller spool pool, which supplies resistance current to swimming against.

Pros and also Cons that Lap Pools

The services of a lap pool include:

Works in a narrow or shallow backyard;Great for serious lap swimmers that will use it regularly;Can be installed in concrete, vinyl or acrylic sheet;Can be customized with warmth or a resistance current;

The defect of a lap pool include:

Length may be minimal by yard size or materials;Less functional for family members fun and also relaxing;Are uniform depth, with couple of to no options for steps, sit areas and also other features;Little come no cost savings contrasted to a classic in-ground pool;

Lap swimming pool Installation

Because a lap pool is essentially a long, skinny version of a timeless pool, installation procedures are about the same. In-ground lap pools need excavation, swimming pool pumps, filters and skimmers. You’ll most likely want a swimming pool deck, one of two people in tile, cement or wood, plus part landscaping to beautify the pool area.

If you’ve got advanced construction an abilities and accessibility to heavy-duty earth-moving equipment, friend could consider installing a DIY lap swimming pool kit. Think long and also hard around this one.

Lap pool Maintenance and Care

There’s small difference in the maintenance and ongoing cost of lap pools contrasted to traditional in-ground pools. Due to the fact that lap pools have actually fewer beauty features such together waterfalls, there may be fewer things that can go wrong with them. If girlfriend don’t desire to hand vacuum your lap pool, you deserve to buy a “robot” swimming pool cleaner or hire a pool company to keep the pool.

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Lap Pool cost Considerations

Though they’re narrower than a classic in-ground pool, the long length of lap pools means installation time and materials are about the very same as an average in-ground pool. Expense will vary based upon whether you go with concrete, vinyl or fiberglass together your swimming pool material. Of these options, vinyl is the cheapest and also concrete is the many expensive.

originally Published: august 11, 2020

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