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Drugs and also Lactation Database (LactMed) . Bethesda (MD): national Library of medicine (US); 2006-.


CASRN: 50-36-2


Summary the Use during Lactation

No data are easily accessible on the medical use that cocaine in nursing mothers. However, because of its chemical nature, high concentrations of cocaine space expected in milk.<1,2> Cocaine and also its metabolites room detectable in breastmilk, back data are from arbitrarily breastmilk screening of mothers who provided cocaine recreationally rather than managed studies. Cocaine breastmilk concentrations have actually varied over 100-fold in this reports. Newborn infants are very sensitive to cocaine since they have actually not yet emerged the enzyme the inactivates it and serious adverse reactions have actually been reported in a newborn infant exposed come cocaine via breastmilk.

Cocaine should not be provided by nursing mothers or acting (such just like "crack") by anyone in the vicinity of infants due to the fact that the infants can be exposed through inhaling the smoke.<3,4> Other factors to think about are the opportunity of confident urine test in breastfed infants which can have legal implications, and also the opportunity of other harmful contaminants in street drugs. A breastfeeding abstinence period of 24 hours has been argued for females who occasionally use cocaine when breastfeeding, based upon the rapid elimination that cocaine by the mother.<5> part authors have actually proposed that breastfeeding be discontinued only for those babies who test hopeful for cocaine exposure.<6> However, the Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine argues that women who have abused cocaine usually should no breastfeed uneven they have a negative maternal urine toxicology in ~ delivery, have been abstinent for at the very least 90 days, are in a substance abuse therapy program and also plan to proceed it in the postpartum period, have actually the approval of your substance abuse counselor, have actually been engaged and also compliant in your prenatal care, and also have no other contraindications come breastfeeding.<7>

Drug Levels

Cocaine is metabolized come benzoylecgonine i beg your pardon serves as a marker because that cocaine ingestion. Other cocaine metabolites include ecgonine methyl ester and norcocaine. As soon as cocaine and alcohol room taken together, cocaethylene is produced; the metabolite is ethylbenzoylecgonine. Both of this compounds are markers because that concurrent usage of cocaine and alcohol.

Maternal Levels. A woman reported utilizing 500 mg that cocaine intranasally end a 4-hour period. She milk contained about 10 to 15 mcg/L that cocaine 12 hrs after ingestion that slowly decreased until 36 hours after the critical use once it was unmeasurable. The benzoylecgonine concentration in her breastmilk was about 400 mcg/L in ~ 12 hours after ingestion and dropped come undetectable levels by 36 hours post-ingestion.<8>

Screening the breastmilk samples of postpartum women who admitted to having used cocaine prepartum discovered primarily cocaine and also benzoylecgonine in breastmilk. Ecgonine methyl ester was normally not detected and only traces that norcocaine were detected, unless cocaine concentration were an extremely high. One such subject had actually a concentration of 12.1 mcg/L the cocaine, 4.1 mcg/L the benzoylecgonine and also 119 mcg/L that norcocaine in she breastmilk.<9>

Ethylbenzoylecgonine has actually been uncovered in the breastmilk of mothers that ingested cocaine and also alcohol.<1>

Breastmilk native a mother who admitted to cocaine use consisted of cocaine in a concentration the 5 mcg/L. The moment of collection and also amount of drug use was no stated.<10>

Two females suspected that cocaine use prior to shipment had cocaine level of 8 and also 10.3 mcg/L in your colostrum. Benzoylecgonine (7.8 mcg/L) and the pyrolytic commodities anhydroecgonine methyl ester (9.5 mcg/L) and anhydroecgonine (9.8 mcg/L) were also detected in the mommy with the higher cocaine level in colostrum. The pyrolytic products resulted from cigarette smoking crack cocaine.<11>

A woman who admitted come 2 year of cocaine and cannabis use detailed breastmilk sample 24 hrs after delivery. She denied usage of any type of drugs of abuse in the previous few days, although her urine was positive for cannabinoids and cocaine metabolites. She breastmilk included 138 mcg/L. Neither norcocaine nor cocaethylene to be detectable in breastmilk.<12>

Single breastmilk samples were built up at a Brazilian hospital from 5 women who were doubt of abusing cocaine. Breastmilk cocaine concentration ranged indigenous 24.4 to 38.5 mcg/L through an typical of 32.4 mcg/L. Benzolyecgonine concentrations ranged from 17.6 come 91.2 mcg/L v an typical concentration of 53.5 mcg/L. The ratios of cocaine to benzoylecgonine varied, feasible related to the moment of cocaine ingestion before breastmilk sampling. The milk of one woman had no detectable cocaine or metabolite.<13>

Infant Levels. A woman who was breastfeeding her 2-week-old daughter reported using around 500 mg the cocaine intranasally end a 4-hour period and breastfeeding 5 times during this period. The infant"s urine had cocaine in a concentration of about 100 mcg/L in ~ 4 and 12 hrs after the mother"s last cocaine use; the concentration dropped to short levels by 24 hours, but was detectable as much as 60 hours after the mother"s critical dose. The pee benzolyecgonine concentration was over 200 mcg/L in ~ 4 hrs post-ingestion and almost 900 mcg/L in ~ 12 hrs post-ingestion. The benzolyecgonine concentration remained near 200 mcg/L until 60 hours post-ingestion as soon as it was undetectable.<8>

A 6-week-old, fullterm, breastfed child was discovered to have benzoylecgonine in his urine. The infant appeared to it is in normal but was tiny for his age. The infant"s mom reported making use of cocaine transparent pregnancy and postpartum.<14>

Effects in Breastfed Infants

A woman who was breastfeeding her 1-week-old daughter reported utilizing a "dab" the cocaine top top her reduced gum and nursing she infant with no result on her infant"s behavior or sleep pattern. One week later on she used around 500 mg the cocaine intranasally over a 4-hour period and breastfed 5 times during this period. Three hrs after very first ingesting the cocaine, the mother detailed that her infant became markedly irritable, had actually dilated pupils, and also began having vomiting and also diarrhea. The infant became increasingly irritable and also was taken to the emergency room 4 hours later. On examination, the child was found to it is in tremulous and irritable with frequent startling after minimal stimulation, and to have actually high-pitched crying, hyperactive reflexes, mood lability, and hypertension. The infant also had some indications of fetal alcohol syndrome. The infant stayed irritable 12 hrs after the critical cocaine exposure and remained tremulous and easily startled 24 hrs after the critical exposure. Irritability and tremulousness progressively abated end the succeeding 24 hours. Gentle hypertension persisted as much as 72 hours after the last cocaine exposure via breastmilk.<8>

The mother of one 11-day-old infant applied cocaine flour to her nipples because that pain relief. She climate breastfed her infant using a breast shield that enabled protrusion of her nipples. Three hrs later, she uncovered the child gasping, choking and blue. On arrival at the emergency room, the child was ashen and cyanotic. He had hypertension, tachycardia, shallow breathing, hypothermia and was in status epilepticus. Seizures fixed in a couple of hours after ~ treatment and the child was discharged in ~ 16 work of period with no evident sequelae.<15> although the infant"s cocaine exposure was no via the drug in breastmilk, the illustrates the excessive risk the exposure of young babies to cocaine.

Effects ~ above Lactation and Breastmilk

Long-term cocaine use can result in chronic, low-level hyperprolactinemia.<16-18> The prolactin level in a mommy with established lactation may not impact her ability to breastfeed.

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Mothers who use cocaine begin breastfeeding that their babies less typically than mother who do not use cocaine.<19,20>

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