When finding out an instrument the dotted keep in mind is something countless students have actually a trouble with. I am constantly answering concerns such as

How numerous beats walk a dotted crotchet have?What walk a period after a keep in mind mean?How execute I count a dotted quaver?

I think it is crucial to understand the concept behind how a dot complying with a note changes it. The dominion is very simple

A dot after a note boosts its duration (length)by fifty percent its original value

Examples of exactly how dotted note work



Test Yourself

Test yourself by calculating the values of the dotted entirety note (dotted semibreve) and also dotted eighth keep in mind (dotted quaver) presented below. Once you think you have cleared up how numerous beats each note is precious click the keep in mind to find out if you are correct!



Calculate the worth of the dotted totality note and click to find if you space correct

But just how do ns play it?

However, understanding how dotted notes job-related doesn"t necessarily help you as soon as you have to play them! once I to be young I construed that a dotted quarter keep in mind (or dotted crotchet together I learned) was worth 1½ beats and also usually adhered to by one eighth keep in mind (quaver) however that didn"t actually aid me once I to be sitting in ~ the piano trying come "count" 1½ beats for the dotted 4 minutes 1 note and also ½ beat for the eighth note! In the finish I determined that the easiest method to approach this was to just count the to win in the bar (1 2 3 4) and also aim to fit the eighth keep in mind in the center of the beats without trying to count 1½. Ns counted and on the eighth note to aid me, however I didn"t supplied to count and on the other beats as I discovered it too confusing. However, i have displayed it both ways right here as I understand some of my students find this method of count easier.

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So mine playing/counting went like this...


As I discussed earlier, some world prefer to counting all the win (1 & 2 & 3 & 4 &) transparent the entirety piece. I always found this method harder, however you should try both and see which girlfriend prefer.

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Double dots

Some music also has more than one dot following a note. Click here for details on exactly how to read and also play notes with dual dots

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