newly I experienced a video which told me the Hydrogen has actually a valency that 1, i.e, Hydrogen have the right to only bond v 1 various other atom. But because hydrogen desires a complete shell, it deserve to have 2 covalent bonds through 2 electrons. Please explain.

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$egingroup$ 1+1=2. Hydrogen has actually 1 electron. Once it make a bond, that "gets" the second bonding electron, ergo has 2 and thus a complete shell. $endgroup$
Apart native some group 13 weirdness, hydrogen have the right to only do one bond. Covalent bonds call for pairs of electrons and also hydrogen can only have actually two electron bound in one covalent bond.


Hydrogen develops 1 single bond as soon as there is a s-s overlap i m sorry is the biggest overlap however it deserve to also type 2 single bond whereby there are 2 s-p overlaps such as is even in compounds like $ceB2H6$, H seems to do 2 bonds however it doesn"t.

As you deserve to see the 2 Hydrogen atom in the centre do 2 binding each v Boron.

The variety of a bonds the hydrogen have the right to make is dependency on the type of bonding.

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It can form only a single ionic bond. The can type two bonds when there is overlap associated (covalent bond)It can form a solitary covalent bond.If stability can be achieved it can form a most coordinate bonds, yet due come it"s tiny size and also only a solitary proton I would think a max of 1 combination bond deserve to be developed if we being through an ionised H-atom.


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